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  1. Price drop. Need it gone. $1900 for Dolly AND skates!
  2. ^ What you see is what you get. Dolly is in great condition - almost pristine. Taken well care of. $1950 + shipping Expect freight ground shipping around $300 Also selling the skate wheel bases. I believe they are Modern brand. $500 with the dolly.
  3. My my you are creative! I did laugh at this DIY... its DIY, I don't think building something you intent to use all the time, specially infront of clients is such a great idea. I do also have to agree with Adrian, a C-Stand, even though its an extremely simple item, still has had countless time of engineering and design. I wouldn't really want to waste space with too much DIY stuff, not to say I havent made anything which I have. I find it... exciting, but in the end I always end up buying the real thing
  4. Gah! At least we all agreed what the baby pin and junior pins sizes are, if not Im probably going to go live in a cave somewhere. Managed to sell it, maybe it will be of use to someone else Thanks
  5. Nothing like the smell of that really old mole light :)
  6. Should have mentioned, the adapter has worked with another mitchell part I have, but this would answer the question: The hi-hat's diameter is about 6", the hole is about 2" 1/4 and the little pin receiver is about 1/4" - Is that the correct size for a mitchell base? If someone could confirm that would be great. I'm pretty sure this is a weird mini version, or I must have some sort of oversized mitchell base on a dolly and oversized adapters!
  7. A while back ago I got a used mitchell hi-hat, seller claimed it was from Matthews. So when It arrived, assuming all mitchell bases were the same, I just stored it incase anyone needed one on set. About a month later it gets called in, so I grab the 150mm bowl adapter and to my surprise it didn't fit! Luckily it was not actually needed that day, but this is a bummer. Can anyone explain this to me? I thought the mitchell base was a standard size: Image: Pin not fitting inside slot: Image: Circular opening too small I know the adapter is the correct size because its worked on multiple other mitchell bases. Anyone know who manufactures these?
  8. 24x36 are pretty good. The 24x36 floppy flags are pretty cool. 2 of each usually does the trick, its what I have in the truck, but some extra flags For smaller places 18x24
  9. Hello, I'm looking to put together parts for a menace arm or two, but want to know exactly what I should be looking for? Also what would be the limits for it? In weight, length, etc. Is a hi hi overhead wide base stand fit for the job? And what type of pipe should be used Will this do the job? http://www.filmandvideolighting.com/most11piboki.html
  10. I'm sure just picking up a 12x12 or 8x8 black solid you can make a round cocoon around the light, we've done it like this to block out daylight and have some red and blue lights in there (police lights through a window)
  11. This is more for a personal question for taste, I'm working on building up a 2ton grip/electric, and want to know what type of big cart would be preferable. I'm looking at the Backstage Duz-All cart. (Not the Super Duz-All). I'm liking being able to store c-stands, some important grip gear in the milkcrates, flags and some fixtures. Would you recommend that one? Or something different? I'm always able to build a custom one (have some friends that weld pretty well, we've already built some carts before) Is there anything you'd like to see in the truck? Speaking of organization, whats up front instead of the back? I may do some modifications to the Duz-All, I don't see it useful to unload it to bring out big fixtures like those 5 or 10ks in the picture, I may make it hold a nice tungsten package up to 2ks, then anything above that (anything thats not on an edison's that is) somewhere else on racks. 14' length to work with, good heigh, and do have a lift gate . I plan on expanding later on maybe next year with a bigger truck and reach the final point of 3ton
  12. Ok thanks, I've been attempting to build a lantern out of some spare arri parts, I'll make it with the bulb upright. This is just a DIY project (maybe to make some profit out of), I'm still looking at chimera lanterns!
  13. Thanks, I figured as much. I'm curious now, does this also apply to the bulb? Will the bulb cause issues if its operated on its side, or maybe upside down? And what type of rigging would you use say you wanted a light to be pointed straight down? I've never come across something like this
  14. Thanks! I've been thinking of doing more of a prototype with just coper wire to hold the bulb in the center, then later on designing something more rigid out of aluminum. I'll look into the Muslin one. The chimeras are great, but I'd like to keep the DIY aside from the actual gear to avoid damaging a precious chimera ball
  15. Hi, I bought off a busted up arri650 from a guy just to take out the electronic components, and had a broken china-arri-knockoff 1k with the electronic parts in it too. I'm curious, but if I get a big enough china ball and have the 650w and 1000w halogen bulb hanging in the middle. Would that work? Is there another type of lantern I should use aside from paper. Something inside I should put to make it somewhat heat resistant, maybe a spray? I know the chimera ones are nicely built, I've been looking into one or two of those, but would still like to try to make a DIY just for fun. Any ideas?
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