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  1. Thanks for all your answers. We had a decent blimp on the camera, an Arri sr3, so we didn't hear anything funky from the camera. Though the previous roll jammed at 97 meters. There were 6 other groups before ours and one group after without any problems, so I don't think it's the camera. A too long loop is also what I might think could've happen
  2. Hey. I've recently shot my first 16mm film, and to our greatest luck, there's a nice big blue artifact in one of the rolls. html5 video http://gfycat.com/ElatedBountifulCowrie better quality stills https://www.dropbox.com/s/ze40zp4554ysb90/artifact_1.1.2.jpg?dl=0 There is actually information under the blue artifact (If you cannot tell by the low quality animation) which makes me wonder how this could happen? (And who's head should roll?) As this is a film school project, I don't have any contact with the lab myself, but they told the teachers it was because the camera wasn't clean.
  3. Pretty rad reel you got there. What I would recommend is to invest in a DSLR camera, so you can learn more about shutter, EI/ASA/ISO and aperture. These silly camcorders and their auto exposure and whatnot doesn't give you as much "creative space".
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