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  1. How come theres no section your we could just show one or two pictures? Analog or digital pictures, retouched pictures whichever. I think it would be nice...its not like we can show movie clips yet but just photos would be nice.
  2. Welcome Jules, Bienvenue Jules! Je suis nouveau ici moi aussi. Ses une belle endroit pour t'informer et passer le temp. toodle-loo,
  3. Hey thats fine if you can't draw a damn Downix, storyboards are already garbage after they're made its the final shot in mind that matters right? But thanks for the kind words, i never ear too much..well actually i never ear at all about Maine. Kinda like NB. Just simple folks living out their lives and never gets influence too much by the rest of the world. Sounds like rock solid to me...makes me think, when i was a kid i was just dreaming about living in the city..am i ever glad i didn't. Ex-fiance? ouch, plenty of fishes in the sea...
  4. Yeah, thanks for all of that george...lol lets say that one more time...technical stuff, hehe. In the long run, i'll get more in the field, i still need to buy myself a freaking SLR, hehe. For now i'm just a 2D artist living in nowhere trying to make a living. Anyway, my mom is calling for supper later guys. lol.
  5. Humm Dorian, I'm not sure how to actually load a big movie file on a web server. I doubt you can find places to load something like that for free. I dont know...maybe with kazaa heh? Or with messenger if its under 50 mb. But to drop it somewhere online...i never tried anything like that myself. You should go bug webmasters about it, sometimes they reply! Hey...maybe you could...pretend its a porn video and have it upload somewhere for free?
  6. Penn Stations to Time Square? I'll keep that in mind if i ever get in NY! cool.
  7. I have not seen The Passion of Christ. But from the the seconds i saw on TV. It scared the crap out of me. And from what little i saw, the cinematography seemed extraordinaire (this word is pronounce the same in french, cool heh)? Everything seemed reaaally emphasize. Extreme. Which is what this whole movie is about, i'm sure it will make me totally freak out...which is good. But i'm still not sure if i have the guts to it. I'm not religious, as a child i was. And that stuff his making my head dizzy.
  8. Hi George, I just watch Lost In Translation today. Its nice to see the realistic stuff. Yeah lighting is a big part of the job..and angles i'll say. Ahh, this stuff is exciting me very much! Helas, i don't even have a camera. But i can paint stuff on photoshop, thats a start. I visited your website, you worked for Sony?? That is so cool. I can't get a job...atlantic Canada is just not the place to be *sight*...and i'm not having a fishing career, no way. Last weekend i got to watch Forest Gump on tv! Now theres the good work! Man, and Saving Private Ryan. I need to watch that one again. I'm starting to like this more, but i still wonder how do you get work at it...the way i look at it, its all talk. Talks about the shots with the director over and over until everyone gets a feel of what we as a group is doing. I also know the basics with After FX (Video&Audio Editing) that can help i guess. Hi Leon, Go paint with light yes. So yeah, thats all i have now is paint...lol. God i'm the cheap guy right now, its hard not being around by artists and other people who i can share my thoughts with. I wonder if theres some cinematographers who does rough storyboards, cause thats where we can focus on angles no? I did boards for a demo in college, unfortunatly i wasn't able to finish my reel...therefore ditching my future as a animator for that matter. Getting to know all the camera stuff qinda scares me and i wish i could be more close with the actors...anyhoo, i'm going to post some more stuff. There's so much to talk about...how does a cinematographer presents his/her work? Demo Reel? Would just a slide show of pictures do?? I'll need to search for that also. Thanks for your comment guys.
  9. Hello, I'm Sebastien (22) when I was 13 or so I got fascinated by comic books, I was spending my time drawing and learning more about them. After high school I got into a college of classical animation, it was 2 years of hard work and yes learning to enhance my skills and imagination. A little before my peers graduation I meet with a recruiter from Warner Bros. I skipped through my small portfolios pages briefly making a few comments as he had looked though hundreds of them. He closed it and told me it seems I was pretty much "there" and he suggest that I might find interest in...Cinematography. Later I sat on a bench and started thinking...Cinematography? What’s that?? And what made him say that looking through my portfolio?? I always had a love for films, but I don't think I never really understood what was it that I loved in particular. So I thought about what I notice first when at looked at films...a picture that sums the movie...pretty pictures yeah. Then good acting. And finally problems with the script. Pretty pictures...isn't this what cinematography is made off? I think of the bright white horse in Gladiator with the headless rider galloping in the scene in the opening act or Tom Hanks looking pale loss in is emotions after delivering a long monologue, a straight ahead shot of him holding on his life support machine in Philadelphia...the silhouette of a bike riding by a full moon? Is this all the cinematography that I know? Would I have to learn all technical...hardware stuff? Would I be making a good career decision here, or am I just thinking more like a Director? I don't know. I've never been on the set of a film. But considering my artistic and intellectual knowledge, my practice, my work. I may belong in films and Cinematography seems like the sum of all visual skills. And I think that I’m finally understanding what I love. Isn't knowledge love itself? Making an effort to understand to ultimately connect with something. At the moment I’m spending my time painting digitally, drawing and just looking for freelance work though game or animation companies. I'm seeking help from the professionals out there, what do you think or feel of all this after reading it? What does a cinematographer do in your own words? Is it a person who collaborates with anyone who as a say visually in the picture (director, concept artist, set designer, camera man...makeup)?? I'm wondering if there's cinematographers who I guess are more close to directors, or would I have to spend countless hours learning all the camera brands?? X-003, SD-23A, TR-2-da *sight* lol. sincerely,
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