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  1. ARRI/ ZEISS Ultra Primes For Sale: 14mm 20mm 28mm 50mm 85mm 100mm 180mm please send me an email for details: robstiff@hotmail.com Thanks, rob
  2. Has anyone worked with the older Lomo 40-120 Anamorphic Zoom Lens? Please share any info if possible. thanks, rob
  3. Recently we were informed that the Zeiss Master Diopters are discontinued. They made reduction rings to cover lens diameters of: 95mm, 104mm, 110mm & 114mm. We are trying to attach a Master Diopter (138mm inner diameter grip) to an Elite Anamorphic Lens with an outer diameter of 115mm. Any suggestions?
  4. Brandon is right. At NAB, I took a flashlight right into the Zeiss Concept Anamorphic 50mm Lens and could not get any flares. The design is too perfect. Also, the Zeiss product development person for the anamorphic lenses was looking for input and was uncertain at the time as to what focal lengths where to be first released. As perfect as Zeiss claimed the concept lens to be not having flare ability, it did look much more cinematic with the Alexa when side by side shown on monitors with an Alexa using a new Fujinon/ARRI Lightweight Zoom lens.
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