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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVeeqPDX0-o Hey guys, I haven't been here in a while, so I'm glad to be back and see this forum is still here and alive. I've been editing a project all summer..I probably won't get paid much at all. But I accepted the challenge because it's for a good cause. This is a rough cut, featuring notable football, boxing stars, musicians and the inner city youth of LA. Ring-led by George Mumford (sports psychologist. Lakers, Bulls, etc) I kindof know what's wrong with this short already. But I'd love to hear any other perspective. Brutal, honest feedback is painful but I welcome it, since you may spot something I didn't think of, or see. That is priceless. I hope you enjoy, and remember this is a rough cut, be gentle too! (scratch that, be brutal as you need to be)
  2. Anton Bauer Titan 70 Battery Charger View Ebay Listing Bidding: $300 Buy It Now: $330 This pre-owned Anton Bauer Titan 70 Battery Charger is in Excellent Condition, minor scratches. It includes the charger and power cord. Works like a charm, With this unit, you can power a camera and charge any Anton Bauer battery. I've used it a couple times with the JVC HD100 but don't need it since I've switched to DSLR. This is the best deal for this you will find on Ebay _____________________________________ Fujinon Th16x5.5BRMU 1/3" Broadcast lens for JVC HD100, 110, 111, 200, 250, Z7 View Ebay Listing Bidding: $319.99 (ending in an hour) This lens is originally from the JVC GY-HD100 It is fully compatible with the ProHD JVC 1/3" models and will also fit the Sony Z7, S270 and maybe some Panasonic 1/3" models, However, I don't see why there maybe not thread adapters/mounts out there for compatiblilty with others. Manual is included. I've shot 3 or so hours with the lens on my old HD100 then packed and kept in decent room temperature. Perfect condition, no scratches. The back and front lens caps are missing, so I'm offering FREE SHIPPING and I can refer cheap replacement caps online. FEATURES Type - 1/3" Format Color TV Camera Zoom ration - 16x Focal Length - 5.5 ~ 88 mm Iris Range - 1.4 - 16 . Close Iris Control - Auto or Manual Iris Op Time - Approx. 1.5s (full travel) Zoom Control - Servo or Manual Zoom Op Time - Approx. 3 ~15s (full travel) Focus Control - Manual M.O.D. - 1m 0.01m or less with macro operation F. f - 41.99 mm (Including Glass Elements), 31.00 mm (In Air) Mass - Approx. 1kg (w/o Lens Hood) Ships Immediately/Returns Accepted
  3. Hi guys, I'm selling my Fujinon Th16x5.5BRMU lens on ebay, and someone is interested. His question is: "Does the lens have any bokeh, especially for medium to close shots of people? I am especially interested for doing interviews." Any answer so I can answer him is much appreciated! thanks, Warner bokeh example
  4. I'm not sure how much it's worth now. probably less than $1,000. But since it came back from JVC, I now have this optical issue. :(
  5. Hey Guys, So I'm working with the fine folks over at AE35 Media. We just launched, and already have a client. Now, in the past title/motion graphics-wise, my workflow was (Photoshop & FCP Motion) if not Aftereffects. I prefer motion because it's all in FCP and I don't lose a quality generation (say if i was doing a title over footage in AE etc.) I've been hunting around for info. Do any of you know the professional specs for titles/graphics? For instance if I'm doing the graphics in Photoshop and want the highest quality for output, should the photoshop file be 16 bit? stuff like that. On a sidenote: other than Motion/photoshop/FCP are there other good programs for titles, what is the pro industry standard? Thanks so much in advance for any of your tips, and happy holidays! W
  6. Hi guys, My JVC-HD100 doesn't record or pick up any sound, other than a TAP TAP TAP. I sent it to JVC service support. They said it needs a new optical board, an HJK power thing and something else. All amounting to $1300. Of course, this isn't worth it. I was intending on getting it fixed and selling it for something else. Now I'm not sure what to do..Or how much I could sell it for with the sound not working. Do you recommend any dealers/resellers? should I ebay it? I've been googling everywhere for other JVC repair specialists that might be more affordable, but haven't had any luck. Any advice would be very appreciated. Thanks, Warner
  7. Hey guys, I have a 5-yr old HD100. The sound worked fine until last July. Water might have possibly gotten in. I have no visual or capture issues. When I'm recording, all I get is a tap, tap, tap. Just like a metronome sound. I've tried switching the inputs, mics, modes, checked the audio settings, testing. Still nada. I'm considering getting the audio fixed, & selling the HD100 in favor of something smaller and as good. Problem is I know when there is some kind of circuitry issue JVC will charge alot more than I can afford (which is probably not worth it) Right now I'm googling for a JVC Camera Repair shop here in North California. If you guys have any suggestions, it would be so appreciated! Cheers, -Warner
  8. In the rush coordinating things to get done, I made a mistake on ONE word in the script. my actor said "what is it?" when the line was supposed to be "what is that?" Phillips informed me, but I was asleep due to the central european time difference. When I woke up and saw it, their 1700 hrs had passed! I about cried but didnt give up. had to find my actor, ADR, export/upload/process. So it was super late, but they graciously accepted it. now I can rest easy, assemble life back together. Never smoked so many cigarettes in my effing life :P
  9. Unidentified - Youtube It took 4 months and a small globally distributed team to do this 2:50 sec short. I did some fx as well. Enjoy! There are some obvious flaws, but given the timeframe and the brainbusting, I think we did a good job. Hope you like. There are some other awesome entries, it's been a pretty fun contest. I'm going to sleep for a week now. :P Warner
  10. Here it is UNID Unidentified - Youtube the 3min entry version for Phillips Cinema|Parallel Lines contest. It's flaws are obvious, but given the time frame I'm proud of it. Enjoy and wish me luck!
  11. Hey Vincent, here is the that reveals a bit more. To answer, I did 'breathe' by myself. fx, sound, shooting,etc to prove wrong the notion that films have to be made by 10 or more people. I got so tired of hearing that in college :) With this short, it's more of a collaboration which is much funner. I've found 3 great vfx guys online who are helping with some shots. I'd like to find someone who is far more capable than me for DP work. but for now I like holding the camera ;)
  12. Thanks Vincent, I appreciate that. It's a challenge as I have until August 8th for a 3 minute version for Ridley Scott's "Parallel Lines" contest. (link) I was thinking whether to post a synopsis before. I get concerned someone will steal the concept. Another guy said it's better to put it out there when the film is finished. What do you guys think? I also like to keep it under wraps so it doesn't spoil things. One aspect of the plot though deals with corporate espionage. I like how Nolan kept "Inception" & even "dark knight" very secret for a long time, so as not to spoil it. He spoke in the press conference about that. I agree. I love to go see a movie and not know much about it, then be surprised.. Otherwise things can get taken for granted you know? but it does depend on what kind of movie you're making too.
  13. New Previsuals from "Unidentified" Logline: "Some things are better kept beyond secret.." UNIDENTIFIED - Facebook page
  14. New Previsuals from "Unidentified" UNIDENTIFIED - Facebook page
  15. Watching it right now, nice work. I agree with Gene about the filter...It's kinda cool but my mind is saying "this is almost rotoscoped, but it's not" it has somewhat of a jarring effect. Maybe that's what you were going for with trippin balls look, but I'd suggest it'd be as effective (& trippy) without the filter. Otherwise it's well shot and I like your concept!
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