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  1. Hi All, Would really appreciate help with this question: How can I remove people and cars from a video? I am going to be filming historic architecture in a very busy populous area (a city square) in Africa and would like to only show the buildings. Is there a particular way I should prepare to shoot this? e.g on a tripod so it is a still capture? What are the steps to take when i'm editing? I am working with a canon 7d, fcp 7, have after effects but really not familiar with the workflow of importing files onto after effects or using the programme. Any step by step explanation in layman's terms would be preferable! Many Thanks!!
  2. Okay Chris- thanks I will aim for that using Keith's calculations for bit rate. Keith- it is PAL that will be broadcast from South Africa. Again- I may be wrong but I believe it is the 25 fps version (I am still waiting for the reply from the TV station). That calculation has helped me with future knowledge and clarification on bitrates- again, much appreciated.
  3. Hi Keith, Thanks for the suggestions. I haven't exported it yet but I am estimating 7GB as the 10 minute trial export I did was 6GB. It will be a quicktime .mov file. Would you have any suggestions as to what bit rates I should be aiming for in order to get a 500MB file? The receiver has a slow server so that would be the best compromise... Also- what aspect ratio should I look at if converting from (NTSC) HDTV 1080i (16:9) to PAL? I will be converting it to PAL first using Apple ProRes 422 (LT) before I compress the file..
  4. Hi guys, I am a recently graduated directing student and wasn't taught about the in depth technical aspects of broadcasting frame rates, NTSC and PAL. So please bear with me! My film will be broadcast on TV but I need to send the file to the TV station online (its due on monday in a foreign country)- do you know a compression setting that I can use for decent broadcast-able footage yet is a good enough size to send online? I am only familiar with H.264 for youtube and vimeo. It is approx 13 minutes- when I compress will have to change the 23.98 fps of NTSC to PAL at 25 fps in compressor (I did a trial and the playback was okay). It was my first time shooting and was just a trial project that was meant to be web based. That's why I didn't plan the shoot for it to be broadcast on TV and on the PAL system but it gained some interest cos of the topic and would really appreciate if anyone could help me. I have compressor.. Thanks!!
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