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  1. Hi guys, I just got hold of an Limelite M7 HD field monitor. It's an supplement to the small, and not very clever placed screen on the Sony FS700. I do not know, if I was naive or if i'm doing something wrong, but I had the idea, that when I plugged in the monitor, the Sony screen would simply duplicate it self to the monitor... The case is: It's not! So, what I have is a monitor with no histogram, no peaking, no zebra, no information at all telling if the exposure is correct. The monitor can be adjusted in any way and that is making it completely unusable regarding to read the exposure. Did I misunderstand the purpose of an monitor? Is this what they do? From my POV it dosen't add well to my workflow that I have to first set white balance, tint, contrast and brightness to match the sony screen before shooting. Thanks in advance, and have a nice day :)
  2. Hi Peter, Haha regarding the summer: I fully understand. The so called summer here in Denmark is nothing but rain and cold. Making a short about our great summer as we speak ;) Thanks for the links! The picture of the anamorphic lens, is exactly what I'm after! It looks great. I shoot with 5D and the L lenses - they are too pretty for some projects! The Sony FS700 just arrived a week ago, and I use the canon glass on that as well. Looks great, but I want that authentic old school look! Like the look you master, Frank! Actually I've read that article, and sucked it all up! Bought a Pentacon Six 180 in mint condition, at least that is what the description said. I posted here to see if I could get any other inputs ;) Keep up the great work! Great gems on your site and your work is inspiring.
  3. Hi Stephen, Thanks for the reply! So you recommend to rent them? What I was looking for where really dirt cheap lenses to buy. I have the common range of Canon glass - i'm the still photographer, making the move into the moving picture ;) I just think they are too clean, too 'digital'... I will try and look some of those lenses up you mention! And yeah, ofcause, the more focal length, the less flare!
  4. Hey guys, My first post here! ;) I'm going to shoot a musicvideo, where strong flares, color casts and other lens faults would be suitable... The question is simply: What lenses do you know of, that produces a great flare? Right now i'm bidding on a Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 2,8 / 180 Pentacon Six, but I would like to hear some first hand intel ;) Thanks in advance, and good night!
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