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  1. I think you can go wrong with this school i meet a lot of graduates and all of them take about it like a film paradise (and the are who teach here lol), unfortunately is hard to see their productions, but the teachers seems to be amazing, people from the most known schools of England, France, Argentina, Brasil, etc. I wanted to study there but you need a bachelor degree, and convince them to get in, so im a little late to the bachelor degree, so i decided to go to UCINE the other top film school in south america and if thinks work go for a MA in a european school, but i think EICTV is an excelent choice, especially from someona who isn't hispanic, because you will meet people from all america and amazing teachers from all the world.
  2. I have the same question!, i went to the film school just 1 semester and leave because i didnt like the teachers there, and the equipment was very old but i should admit that learned a lot so i want to buy a cam to experiment with the ISO settings and lens, so i want to know if someone can recommend me something under 700$ Thanks
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