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  1. Can you guys talk about the cinemagraphic affects of shooting a 35mm film in 4:3? My initial reasoning for wanting to shoot my project 4:3 is that my film is character oriented as opposed to landscape oriented. That is to say I want the characters to be the center of focus and the landscape their backdrop. The story is meant to be about the characters in the space and not the space the characters are in and I think 4:3 will help me achieve this through composition. The project I am shooting is french new wave inspired and I noticed many french new waves films are 4:3, partly because thi
  2. Hello all, Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a kodak stock that is similar to the Fuji 400t stock. I am shooting alot of day exterior, parks, beach, promenade, courtyards etc. I also have a few scenes in a cafe and apartment which will probably be tungsten lit, a day apartment interior which will probably be daylight light with HMI's and daylight balanced kino bulbs. I also will be shooting in a library which has a mixture of daylight spilling in from large windows and tungsten fixtures. So a few night interiors with tungsten lighting, but mainly day exteriors and day i
  3. Anyone have any good leads on a jib rental in L.A. Would be for a student film shooting 35mm panavision. Thank you
  4. I have the majority of the shoot taking place in Day EXT. With a few DAY INT; apartment, cafe, library. Ideally I would like to shoot the entire film on one filmstock. If I were to shoot the entire show on 400T I would have to utilize an 85 filter for the Day EXT shoots. How many stops will I loose? Just trying to understand percisely the effects of shooting a 400T stock in daylight.
  5. Hello, I will be shooting a drama on 3 perf 35mm in Nov and need to pick my stock. Going for a soft muted look. Please see references. I was told Fuji is softer than Kodak. Do you have any suggestions?
  6. I am a cinematography student in California and will be shooting my thesis film in Nov. I am considering shooting my film 3 perf 35mm to save on film costs. Will shooting 3 perf require shooting with a special camera or will any 35mm camera do? I guess my question is how does one shoot 3 perf? -Thank you
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