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  1. LOMO round-front anamorphic prime F=100mm. PL mount. 32 pitch focus and iris rings. Focus scales in meters. All glasses are clean. No fungus, no fog, no scratches, no dust that would affect image quality. Focus and iris smooth. Price 8,5k + free shipping via fedex. Please contact for more information.
  2. Available lenses: 1- Kinor set 2- 50mm rounfronts(2). The others sold.
  3. OCT18 mount set is sold. Full set of LOMO primes available. Late 1980's made. Kinor 35H housing. Excellent condition. Price $7,4k obo. PL mount and ARRI gear rings available for extra 3,1k. 18mm OKC5-18-1. T3,1. 22mm OKC3-22-1. T2,4. 28mm OKC7-28-1. T2,2. 35mm OKC11-35-1. T2,2. 50mm OKC1-50-6. T2,2. 75mm OKC14-75-1M. T1,6. - Superspeed. 100mm OKC2-100-2. T3,1. 150mm OKC1-150-1. T3,1.
  4. Some lenses are sold. Following lenses are available: - Set of 5 LOMO primes OCT18 mount: 28mm T2,3, 35mm T2,2, 50mmT2,3, 75mm T2,2. 135mm T4. Asking $900. - Four LOMO 75mm prime OCT18 mount $350. - Stainless steel universal arri standard / bayonet PL mount. $250. - P.Angenieux 25-250mm/T3,9 zoom lens. Arri PL. $1500 - P.Angenieux 20-120mm/T3 zoom lens. Arri PL. $2500
  5. LOMO 150mm roundfront anamorphic prime added.
  6. Roundfront Lomo anamorphic prime 150mm. F3,5/T4,2. Native OCT19 mount. Price 8,5k obo. Please pm for photos and detailed informaton.
  7. 35OPF18-1A LOMO 20-120mm anamorphic zoom lens added.
  8. 1- SET OF LOMO PRIMES. ALL NATIVE OCT19 mount. New price 3,3k. /Also available for seperate sale./ -18mm LOMO T3; $700 -35mm LOMO T2,3; $450 -50mm LOMO T2,2; $550 -75mm LOMO T2,1 $700 -100mm LOMO T3; $1000 2- Fast CKBK primes. -75mm T1,5; $2k 3- Set of LOMO anamorphics. Price 11k. -35mm squarefront (monobloc NAS lens) OCT18 mount; =3k. -50mm roundfront OCT19 mount; =4k. -75mm roundfront OCT19 mount; =4k. 4- Rear anamorphic adapter for LOMO 35OPF18-1A zoom lens. OCT19 mount. 1k. 5- 50mm roundfront anamorphic lens. OCT19 mount. 4,4k. 6- Set of LOMO primes OCT18 mount: 28mm T2,3, 35mm T2,2, 50mmT2,3, 75mm T2,2. Asking $900. 7- LOMO 75mm prime OCT18 mount $380. 8- LOMO 75mm prime OCT18 mount $270. 9- Stainless steel arri PL mount. $200. 10- Set of squarefront BAS anamorphic lenses: -35, 50, 80mm. All native OCT19 mount. A cinemod's Epic OCT19 mount + Close focus diopter for 50 and 80mm. Only 11k for all. 11- LOMO 50mm prime OCT19 mount. Latest model. 1990 made. $600.
  9. WTB baseplate with 12' 19mm rods. I prefer used and cheaper one in good condition.
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