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  1. Here is the space: https://postimg.org/image/y7ulutsfr/
  2. Hey guys, We're preparing a shoot and I would really need some advice and suggestions on how to go about lighting this. My knowledge in interior lighting is a little too limited to make a call without checking in with other experienced cinematographers. The scene we are shooting is a dance scene between a spirit and a little girl, in a forest, at night in an incredibly dense fog. We're shooting indoors, in a large horse ranch, not letting in any lighting come in from the outside, filling the entire place up with fog, setting up a circular dolly and having most of the dance take place wi
  3. Well, thanks... I guess haha What scenes in particular do you think the highlights are not holding? Exposure was tricky sometimes, due to the constantly changing weather. Clouds, no clouds, lots of clouds, big sun... Know what I mean? I mostly always tried to have our histogram pushed as much as possible to the left without clipping the highlights. Is there something that could have been done to avoid this "Red" look?
  4. Little update for those who view the thread. Salvage has been staff picked on Vimeo! Would love to hear some critiques from those who watch it :)
  5. Hello! We just launched the second instalment of our Kin Fables trilogy titled Salvage. Shot on the west coast of Newfoundland on the Red Epic using Zeiss Super Speed lenses. I'd love to hear what this community has to say about the film, on all aspects. Thanks for taking the time to watch! https://vimeo.com/119777338
  6. Hello there, I launched a new short film over the web a few days ago. We have been chosen as official selections at a few festivals and have won Best Cinematography at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, as part of the Quebec short films. I'd love to get some feedback from anyone watching the film. Any comments, suggestions, thoughts, etc. Whatever anyone wants to share, I'd be delighted to hear it. Thanks and hope you enjoy :) Here it is. KIN.
  7. Here's a music video I made as a submission to a competition created by the band The Civil Wars. I love this site because most of my work gets a lot of constructive criticism which helps for the next production. So let me know what you think about everything! :) Thanks! http://genero.tv/watch-video/34354/
  8. Yeah, The Tree of Life was shot on film. Bounce fill seems to be my way to go. Is using a white or silver reflector better to bounce light onto the subject? And in terms of fog, thats what we would love to do. Any idea how to create that haziness without the need of a generator? And Antichrist is a beautifully haunting film, a must see. Thanks Jeff
  9. Thanks! I shot this on a 5d mark II. Mostly using a 28-70mm 2.8 lens.
  10. Hey! I will be shooting the first part to a music video/short film project soon. I have shot many music videos and a few short films though this coming shoot is going to require a few things I haven't really done before. We will be shooting mostly in the woods, one scene by the water and another up on the edge of a cliff. We are trying to create a fantasy look, making seem as though it is another world (characters will be a Medieval knight, a group of native indians and a young girl that will represent a faery). The look we want is a mix between the cinematography of Malick's The Tree
  11. Hey guys, Here is a music video I finished with my team at fiveknightsproductions.com just recently. Take a look and let me know what you think! All criticism is extremely appreciated. Thoughts, suggestions, what you like, what you don't like. Thanks and enjoy. :)
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