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  1. Bump, price lowered to 12k Willing to sell the 9,5 and 12mm separately for $5k
  2. Letting go of my S16 Zeiss Super Speeds (9.5, 12, 16, 25, 50) that have been my workhorse for these past few years. MK III, serviced by Duclos in Q3 2019 before a few jobs. Asking for $14,000. Comes with the Nanuk case. Located in Los Angeles. Some photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rktd3tv2siehn20/AABbVUf9hGTm3dTtvxkWyJSDa?dl=0 Happy to take more upon request
  3. Clearing out some goods that I no longer need. Zeiss Super Speed MK III 9.5mm - $3500 Zeiss Super Speed MK III 12mm - $3500 Duclos Modded PL Kinoptik 9.8mm (for 35mm) - $2300 CRLS 50cm C-Reflectors w/ (2) knucklehead c-wheel - $1300 4x4 BPM 1/2 filter- $150 4x4 BPM 1 filter - $150 Photos can be viewed here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rktd3tv2siehn20/AABbVUf9hGTm3dTtvxkWyJSDa?dl=0 All in great working condition. Located in LA, happy to ship. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Thank you!
  4. This may be a hard ask, but does anyone have an arricam 3-perf movement for sale? I also have an extra 4-perf movement if anyone is looking to trade + cash. Any leads would be appreciated, thanks!
  5. Still on the hunt for one, any leads would be greatly appreciated
  6. Currently on the hunt for an Arricam super 35 viewfinder plate. Does anyone have one laying around? Would be glad to buy it off you
  7. Looking for the following parts to complete my LT build. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. - viewfinder (standard size) with ocular eye piece - accessory side plate for speed control box - shoulder rig set - low mode bracket - 100% video tap - mags Feel free to dm or email at me@andrewyuyitruong.com Thank you!
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