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  1. This may be a hard ask, but does anyone have an arricam 3-perf movement for sale? I also have an extra 4-perf movement if anyone is looking to trade + cash. Any leads would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. Still on the hunt for one, any leads would be greatly appreciated
  3. Currently on the hunt for an Arricam super 35 viewfinder plate. Does anyone have one laying around? Would be glad to buy it off you
  4. Looking for the following parts to complete my LT build. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. - viewfinder (standard size) with ocular eye piece - accessory side plate for speed control box - shoulder rig set - low mode bracket - 100% video tap - mags Feel free to dm or email at me@andrewyuyitruong.com Thank you!
  5. Looking to buy an Arricam LT 4-perf package. Anyone got one for sale? Feel free to e-mail me at me@andrewyuyitruong.com Thank you!
  6. Selling my beloved factory super 16mm converted Bolex SBM. Comes with the following: - Les Bosher PL mount adapter - Bolex C mount adapter - 3x 100' 250D, 4x 100' 500T (just purchased from Kodak) Works flawlessly. Asking for $3500. If you're located in LA, feel free to come by to check it out. Photos can be viewed here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fatb3eheoaie9ft/AACSVnboX7BduVIkqc76VK38a?dl=0
  7. Getting rid of equipment that has seen little use, everything is in great working condition. Let me know if you need more photos or want to come by to test it out. Located in LA. All prices are OBO. Super 16 Lenses: Optar-Elite "Panther" 7mm T/1.3 - $2150 Panther-Cinar 35mm T/1.3 - $1800 Optar Illumina 50mm T/1.3 - $1250 Elite 4.5mm T/2.2 w/ Filters (comes with yellow innercase) - $1600 Steadicam Scout Arm/Vest - $1650 BNIB Wooden Camera Studio Zip Follow Focus - $450 Photos can be seen here Feel free to PM or e-mail me at andrew@mosss.co
  8. Looking to sell my spare Arriflex 416 body. Comes with the top handle and viewfinder. No mags, no batteries included since I need them for my other 416 body. Throwing in an Arri mini monitor as well. Works perfect, it's a beaut. Looking to sell it for $6000 obo Located in Santa Monica! Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at andrew@blind.com with any questions.
  9. you can also e-mail me at inhousegoods@gmail.com for a faster response
  10. I have for sale a near mint condition Bolex h16 Rex-5 that has just been recently Converted to Ultra 16mm. Cleaned, lubed, and adjusted camera movement. Added a Laserbrightened ground glass, all done by Bernie from Super 16 Inc. The bolex ultra 16mm rex5 includes the following lenses which are all in near perfect condition. Switar H16RX 25mm f/1.4 Switar H16RX 10mm f/1.6 Switar 75mm f/1.9 Everything is ready to go, cleaned, lubed, pretty much in immaculate condition. It will include a filter set, lens hood for the 75mm and 10mm, eyecup and camera caps. Here's my eBay listing http://www.ebay.com/itm/121011340093?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Would love to do the transaction outside of eBay to avoid fees though, I'm located in Irvine, CA so I can drive up to LA to deliver. Asking for $1700 OBO
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