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  1. I've got a scene to light where the script suggests the key light for the action is coming from a television screen. Characters will also be 'flicking' through the channels. I'm sure there are lots of cool tricks and methods to simulate this. What have people had success with? What should be avoided? Cheers Dan
  2. Hi Guys, Thank you so much for all the advice. Keep it coming. Need as much as I can get! For those of you interested in the project have a look at the link below.
  3. Thank you for the advice. Really helpful and much more confident about the shoot now. In terms of the lens temperature I think its possible to get fogging from both cold to warm and warm to cold conditions. So I think its best to follow Victor's advice and expose the lens to whatever the ambient temperature is as soon as I approach the set. Keep the advice coming if you have anything to share :)
  4. I'm shooting a short period drama in February 2013 in Thurso, Scotland. This is right at the top of the country! I was wondering whether anyone could give me some advice on shooting in such cold conditions. General tips/lessons learned/ dos and donts. I've never shot anything in sub zero temperatures and gale force winds - the last thing I want is to be losing/ breaking a HMI or camera. Just want to be really prepared so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dan
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