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  1. Hi everyone I'll apreciate a lot you take few minutes to visit my website : http://www.antoinemanichon.com/ "La Saison des Orphelins" is a long feature film shot with Sony F900. It has just been screened in France (print to 35mm) The other QT shows video or 16mm Many thanks Antoine Manichon
  2. Hi all, It appears that Canon serie HD isn't that bad. I don't get if "HD EC" Canon is the newest or the oldest one ? We can have Canon HD EC serie + F900 or Zeiss DigiPrime serie + 750 P.... Feature film. Print to film at the end. Do you have any argument ? Many thanks... Antoine
  3. Hi all, do you had the opportunity to compare Canon HD serie and Zeiss Digiprime serie ? In terms of color, distortion ? The rates are very different. F900 camera. Thanks a lot Antoine
  4. Hello, I'm about to shoot with Sony F900 using some HMI projectors, do you know if I have to ask for electronic power supply to avoid flickering troubles ? I'm shooting in 24Psf format. If I can't have those power supplies, I guess I just have to change ECS frequence ? Many thanks for answering... Antoine
  5. Hello all, Do you have any technical info about this movie ("Iklimler") shot in HD ? Wich camera, lenses, process ??? Many thanks Antoine
  6. I didn't calibrate my light meter, I've been using it for stills 35mm photos, same Plus-X film as the shooting, results were little EO (1 stop max) or perfect. I noted difference of measure with my Minolta reflective meter, but I was so sure that Cine Sekonic is better... Now, discussing with experienced DOP, it appears the laboratory could have used special process (only explaination for such difference), I should have done a sensito test before... I'm furious, what about Kodak specifications ? it says, with that labo and that film, you should expose PLus-X 80 iso at 250 Iso... If I had known... we'd have not rent lighting equipment !
  7. Hi all, I've posted a topic about exposition troubles 2 weeks ago.... Using Sekonic, brand new film, pro checked camera and lenses, my first test were EO about 2 stops. I decided to shoot (short movie, 3 days Int/ext, sun and lighting) EU 1 stop and made other tests in situation. At the end, before processing all rolls (3*400ft), I asks to process the test : it was EO again about 2 stops ! then labo processed -2 and it's fine so far. That means I have 3 stops mistake between my Sekonic and correct exposition. Do you have like an explanation ? Please note : -lenses : GO serie, iris ok -25 fps -172,8° -BW plus-x film -pro process (Cinedia france) thanks !
  8. yes it does, and same exposure troubles for all lenses (GO ZEISS serie) brand new film from Kodak office Zeiss GO lenses serie from Panavision you cannot change shutter angle on that camera it's 172,8° checked, and I noticed that difference between 172,8° and 180° makes +/- 0,1 EV change only.
  9. Hi all, I'm actuelly preparing a shooting using Aaton XTR PLUS and BW PLUS-X film. Exposure given by Sekonic L-558. First test is over-exposed about 1,5 stop or 2 : a lot !. Taking stills 35mm photos using that exposure meter, results are better. A little EO I've cheked : ISO ok, angle ok, fps ok, no correction...incident measure. Is somebody knows something about a trouble with Sekonic, or something special about Aaton XTR + (checked, body and lenses, 172,8° angle), or PLUS-X ? Thanx ! Help ! Shooting soon !
  10. Dear all Sorry for my english I'm about to buy a superb 4080 Nizo at www.super8camera-shop.com, seems to be ok ("near mint in box") but time lapse doesn't work at all. I don't know this camera : Is that mean there is other functions about to fail ? (electronics....) Is the time lapse repairable ? On this website, there is another 4080 wich single frame doens't work : Is the 4080 camera fragile ? (I'd like to shot slow motion close up of fashion parade with that camera, then edit with numeric) Thanks for giving opinions & advices
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