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  1. Saw it by a 2.AC on the last feature I was working on. It was really, really small, like appr. 2" x 2" and also had sticks. Obviously he could not remember where he'd get it. anyone has a idea where I can find those??
  2. Is there any way to read out the actual time which was shot on an epic, I mean in minutes/seconds, not "media percentage"?? Thanks a lot :)
  3. We are shooting a documentary/re-enactment of the first human beings and their culture. Our leading through the story is a small figure of a mammut, which is supposed to be over 32.000 years old. I will also do the color grading and we want the re-enacted scenes to take off from the other scenes, f.e. the interviews with the experts or the shoots in the museums. So, the scenes I am talking about are dating back to about 30.000 years. And I'm still lacking some kind of inspiration of how to grade the pictures. I was searching for paintings illustrating those times but have not been abl
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