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  1. They not only taught writing and editing, they also covered directing, camera and lighting. We even had a small session on casting, which was very helpful. Check out their website: http://www.solarnyc.com/digitalfilmmakingworkshop/html/curriculum.html Good luck, Jason
  2. Hi guys, I promised I'll share my experience after I joined the film making workshop. So last week I took Solar's Light and Shadow workshop and I absolutely loved it! It was very hands-on and we went through all important steps of film making. We actually made a decent film in only 5 days with almost no budget or expensive equipment. The class was small, intimate and very inspiring. I really learned a lot and I would recommend this workshop to anyone! Thanks again for all the comments and hope this helps. Jason
  3. Thanks guys, I looked at both Maine's and Solar's workshop. It seemed like Maine only has classes for DSLR, which isn't what I want. And since I'm in NYC, it'll save me money to do it here. Solar's workshop seems to be legit and I like that they emphasize on hands-on practice, which is important to me. Anyway, I'll let you know once I've finished the workshop! Thanks again, Jason
  4. Hi Kimberley, Thanks for the reply! I forgot to mention that I'm in New York, sorry. I found a filmmaking workshop offered by Solar Productions (http://www.solarnyc....makingworkshop/). I wonder if they are good, has anyone experience with them? Thanks in advance and thanks Kimberley! Jason
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking for a film making workshop or something similar. Can you help me out, do you know any good ones? Please let me know, thanks in advance! Jason
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