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  1. Brad Vrabete


    It would be worth discussing DALSA Origin; it exists, can record images. Your opinion? Brad
  2. Well, it's not small. But it wasn't a (big) problem; it might be difficult to fit the whole system (camera + recorder) inside a small car; but that's because of the recorder + UPS to power the recorder. I have seem footage shot from a minivan. I have not seem Genesis footage yet. But Genesis is able to output only 10 bit compared to 14 bit of Dalsa. Dalsa is probably getting closer to film quality in terms of lattitude.
  3. Is there something in particular that you would like to know?
  4. I know the guy in the picture (quite well I might say ;-)). I have also seen the new recorder (half the size). It is true it is heavy but you don't need to move it because the optical cable connecting the camera to it it's about 200 m long (can be up to 1km).
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