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  1. I have a small 18" x 24" window on a door where daylight spills through. I would like to gel this window so it looks like one of two things; either moonlight or late sunset. I realize those are two very distinctly different color pallets and aesthetics; however, I am open to either or trying both. Is using an ND enough to create a moonlight look? Thank you Peter
  2. Thank you for the suggestions JD! Much obliged. Peter
  3. Hello film community. I need to rig a series of china balls to hang from a flat vaulted ceiling, and I cannot use nails or screws. The lighting is for 360 coverage, so I cannot use any stands. How would you rig the lights? Thank you, Peter
  4. Hello, I typically use a hazer to create atmosphere for the frame, unless I need to fill a large space, then I'll use a fogger. I am shooting a steampunk themed project and need to create smoke and steam. What would you suggest I use to create a smoke and steam effect? Thank you, Peter
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