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    Specialize in Arri Alexa, 16mm, 35mm, DSLR, RED
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    I am a professional freelance cinematographer, thriving in the creative and collaborative environment on set. I started in the film industry shooting my own work and went on to study at the London Film School, specialising in cinematography. Since, I've been involved in numerous LFS projects and independent projects, developing my technical skills and attention to detail in all forms of visual filmmaking.

    Working on over 40 projects since, I have gathered experience working on music videos, short films, corporate videos, etc. and I developed an instinctive understanding of the mechanisms that make a production fluid and efficient. Besides my inclination towards visual storytelling that motivates my approach to composition, lighting and camera movement to naturally enhance the script in unison with the director's vision, I am also a collaborative person working well with crew and welcoming challenges under time pressure. I am a good communicator and problem-solver, with a creative mind.

    In the past year I have been focusing on working as first assistant camera. Working on over 40 productions makes you know a great variety of filmmaking gear. I've worked as an Assistant Camera with some of the most advanced equipment like the Preston Cinema System, remote focus pulling on intricate Steadicam shots. I am used to working under pressure and fast, and ideally with people that share my passion and challenge me to improve and learn. As a camera assistant I take care of the technical aspects of the camera so that the cinematographer can focus on the creative.

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  1. Do you have a more specific gold gel in mind? I have enough to buy gels but not to buy samples to bring to a studio and test with lights. Thank you. Anais
  2. Hey All, I'm shooting a short at the end of the month. The whole shoot takes place inside a crypt. It is a created world, quite stylised. The light coming from outside will have no specific angle like the sun, but be a continuous gold atmos light. Due to budget I cannot buy multiple sheets of gold to test so I would love some advice form people who have more knowledge. I'm looking for a gel that will add gold and warmth to tungsten lights. A deep gold that still allows good transmission (we do not have big lights) and that does not push skin-tones too much The lighting inside the
  3. Hey All, I'm shooting a B&W film soon, 35mm. Does anyone know how different colours look in B&W? Is there a website that compares different colours? Thanks!
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