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  1. Ah okay, so wide shot confused me. okay, thanks for your reply!
  2. Uhm, if I've rightly understand, the second shot "OTS" the actor was filmed in profile without any changing of illumination. The light color mood changes turn to a gray/green cause this is the background color from that POV (We can see in the wide shot as well). The third shot was filmed, instead, changing the postion of the actor to catch the sun light on his face. I'm wrong?
  3. Uhm, second team...? Anyway, for a medium low budget, i don't think possible to have a second actors team... I'm wrong?
  4. Great suggestion don't stop running Master shot even if someone makes a mistake.
  5. Hi Brian, Duca in not my full name, but almost... Duca Simone Luchini. :)
  6. Hi everybody, all the experts suggest not using the actors for the stage blocking, so I ask me... who should make (simulate) the Actor movement and overall Blocking of the scene? many thanks for a reply!
  7. Hi everybody, reading some books about directing, I met a controversial topic: many directors prefer to start a scene with close shots (Coverage) and work backward toward the master shot. The rational being that the actor will look fresh and have more energy earlier in the workday. Many others prefer absolutely start with Master shot and then keep going with Coverage. What kind of experiences have you had and what suggestions can you give on this subject? Many thanks for a reply!
  8. Hi guys, I have a Manfrotto 701HDV but I need an Inclinometer/Tilt meter to measure tilt inclination Camera for Matchmoving purposes. I have an iPHone and I sew there are many apps about that... http://appcrawlr.com/app/related/282353 anyone has experience about it? By the way, to me it would only measure the tilt inclination angle of the camera, and i think I have to understand how to set iphone on camera ring to make an accurate measurement... Many thanks for a reply!
  9. Okay, I found something about Scene files in the Manual (installation, setup, etc...), but can you maybe suggest me some specific Scene file for flat look with high dynamic range and where can i find it? Many thanks!
  10. Hi p, okay, i'll try it. Yes, what I want is a "cinestyle flat look" suitable for maximising dynamic range cause I'm gonna grade videos in post. What about "Scene file recipes"? How do they works? How to setup them and so on...? Please more info about would be great. MAny, many thnaks!
  11. And sorry, anyway what about DRS function (Scene file/DSR) setup, GAMMA function (Scene file/GAMMA) setup? Maybe you mean I have to check DSC chart for every DSR and GAMMA setup, to find something optimal to have flat contrast and wide dynamic range? :wacko:
  12. Great David, but I didn't use (never...) DSC chart... may you suggest me which type of DSC chart have I to use (I see many, many different chart on web...)? Or maybe there is something DSC chart printable? Many thanks for a reply!
  13. Hallo Everybody, I'm going to shot with this camera (Panasonic 151) with maximum LOW contrast and with maximum wide dynamic range. Shortly, "shooting flat". I need an image recording profile with "flat" contrast in order to preserve highlights and shadows at the extreme ends of signal bandwidth. Unfortunately, Panasonic 151 has not something a LOG encoding or a a Cinestyle camera profile. Reading the Manual, I found a pair of setting but I'm really not sure if them are what I need...: In SYSTEM FREQ 59,9 Hz, you can choose DRS function (Scene file/DSR), that should increase the dynamic range. You can choose 1, 2, 3 but is really NOT clear what does it mean... In GAMMA, (Scene file/GAMMA), you can also choose for a "gamma profile"... and in this case, I didn't understand if what I need is LOW or HIGH setting. I didn't find any other way to shot with flat contrast, and with maximum wide dynamic range, as well. Many anyone have experience about this recording techs? Any suggestions? Many thanks for a reply!
  14. Camera Tracking: recognize focal length from a clip Hallo everybody, I made a short clip (dolly) with a Sigma 8 - 16mm but I'm not sure ( damn...i didn't note it) exactly which focal lenght I used: if 12mm or 14 o maybe 16mm:confused There is a way to find a focal length value from a clip? Really easy to have it from a photo but from a video... maybe there's an application for it but warnings, I'm on Mac Osx... Many thanks!
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