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  1. Used optically correct ANAMORPHIC VIEWFINDER for mounting on Optical viewfinder cameras like KONVAS 35mm motion Picture camera. Starting price is only $90 UN-squeezes image from anamorphic lens. Focusable for image of 35mm frame size from approx.3"-6" from end of front element. Eyepiece glass and front end clean WITH NO scratches or marks. Removable locking collar for connection to Konvas cameras. Tested and works fine on Camera ITEM is being sold inexpensively as only guaranteed to work with KONVAS style russian type viewfinders 'as is' A new collar could possibly be moved, removed or adapted to match other optical eyepiece cameras such as ARRI BL or others. Cannot guarantee fit but discussion from others have indicated that end shaft diameter would fit many other optical viewfinder prism or mirror mounts. With right mount it might also work with electronic viewfinders. being sold on ebay here http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1555.l2649 for any more info send email to info at alamofilms dawt com
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