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  1. So I am just starting to purchase camera equipment and gear that I plan on using on different projects and wanted to buy insurance for it. Wanted to see what people recommended because I literally have no idea where to begin in terms of looking for insurance. Mostly I'll be either renting it to other operators/DP's I know for jobs, renting it out to jobs I work on, and for personal projects/short films. I would need something that covers gear up to $30,000 minimum but probably want at least $50,000 for equipment I plan on buying in the future. Also, I live and work mostly in the NY area but ob
  2. Has anyone used these cards with the Canon C300? Would like to get some for an upcoming shoot but want to make sure they are compatible? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/895466-REG/Lexar_lcf32gctbna8002_32GB_Pro_Compact_Flash.html http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/841573-REG/Lexar_LCF32GCTBNA10002_32GB_CompactFlash_Memory_Card.html
  3. Hi, Sorry if this has been covered somewhere else but I am trying to finalize the lease agreement on a Canon C300 and thought the knowledge of users on this forum would be the most pertinent and direct. So if anyone has done the lease agreement though Canon Financial Services, their advice & answers would be GREATLY appreciated as I have to sign this by Thursday. Also, some of this may be rather basic for lease agreements but I am young and this is my first lease agreement so if it is obvious, I apologize, but would still love an honest and straightforward answer. I am signing
  4. Hey guys, So I remember reading about an auto focus system that can be used with any lens system even on extremely long lenses, but I can't seem to find the thread anywhere on here. If I remember correctly it worked with conjunction with cine-tape or something like it and would hold the focus as long as the subject was within a specified area. I may be remembering this wrong but I know that I read about it somewhere and wanted to see if I could ply the vast knowledge of this forum to refresh my memory. Thanks in advance. Gracias, Peter Klopfenstein 1st AC / Junior Camera Operator
  5. Off the top of my head... (In no particular order) Three Colours Trilogy Days of Heaven Apocalypse Now Night of the Hunter Persona Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Barry Lyndon Red Shoes Once Upon a Time In The West Touch of Evil Honorable Mentions: Z Wages of Fear French Connection McCabe and Mrs. Miller Raging Bull Badlands Tree of Life Thin Red Line There Will be Blood Boogie Nights Blade Runner Lawrence of Arabia Godfather I & II Black Narcissus Road to Perdition Black Swan Seven Samurai Ran Rashomon In the Mood for Love Ameli
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