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  1. E Beach

    Floor Planners

    Completely forgot about making this post till now. I saw floor planner but I don't want it to be 3D and it doesn't seem to very good for what I am looking for. Had a look at LXFree and this is more what I want and could work, thanks for that. If anyone knows of anything else please do tell! - If you type in lighting designer iPad into google, thats what I was thinking of but for a desktop computer as they only have an iPad version. Cheers, E
  2. E Beach

    Floor Planners

    Hi there, I am in need of a floor planner to layout some lighting designs as well as distribution paths/set ups. Similar to a Lighting Designer app on the iPad but that can work on a desktop mac. Doesn't have to be dedicated to film lighting but something that can have top down views of custom made rooms/areas with length measurement, etc. Anyone know of anything that could work? Cheers, E
  3. Hi there Im just asking around to whoever I cant find that has used the C300 and uploaded to youtube as I am having a major quality drop once the uplaod takes place. Shot with C300 in c-log, transcoded to prores and edited in FCP. Sent to color and graded and exported back all still as prores. Exported as uncompressed and sent into Adobe Meadia Encoder and compressed using Quicktime H.264 at 50,000Kbps giving me a 1GB file. It looks nice and clear but when its uploaded to youtube there seems to be a lot of artifacts and macroblocking all over the place, plus too much banding gradiants (some shots probably can be blamt by smoke in the room). I know YT compress further but this seems like too much. If both these images are loaded up at fullscreen and you flick across from one and the other, does it not seem like quite a drastic change? The quality image is from the compressed file i am uploading. Is this much change normal for youtube? <a href='http://images.creati...5.png'><img src='http://i1.creativeco...0at00.37.35.png' border='0' /></a> <a href='http://images.creati...8.png'><img src='http://i1.creativeco...0at00.33.48.png' border='0' /></a> http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=B27QNh34aLY Thanks Elliot
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