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  1. Thanks John. Flicker is definitely a concern, but I figure I'll have to maybe play with the fps a bit, and certainly be open something other than 180 ° shutter speed and hope to get something useable. Or live with a bit of flicker... I was thinking that maybe a ring light on camera might be a solution and solve light intensity issues, give me edgy look, and help create separation (if it were to have a slightly warm colour temp than my overhead fluos)? Thoughts?
  2. I'm shooting a a low-budget music video that includes a campy square dance scene in a community center basement. The look I'm going for is a slightly higher-key version of The Knife's video: dingy, weird, and somewhat depressing. The room has 8 overhead fluorescent fixtures, and I want to embrace the fluorescent look. I'm going to be shooting most of the dance action at 120fps on a Sony NEX-FS700 (w/ the relatively fast Zeiss Distagon/Planar lenses). I will have the budget for a few small lights but nothing major. My questions are: 1. In keeping with a 180° shutter and not g
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