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  1. i should clarify, that adjustments to the projector speed / frame rate is not an option, since i'm merely documenting a film and music performance. so i'm basically trying to work around that constant, and trying to find the best way to shoot that (18fps super 8 projections) using a Panasonic GH2 that only has options for 60i, 60p, or 24p. also trying to see if there's anything i can do with teh 60i footage that's already been shot to reduce the appearance of the flicker. thanks again, _jc
  2. thanks for the response. yes the projection is only in part of the background, but i would be willing to sacrifice the motion of the rest of the scene for a smoother playback of the film on the video. overall, it's not too bad, but just wanted to know what my options were in terms of possibly correcting it. as a secondary question, if i were to shoot this again with the same camera, which option would you think would be best to shoot in: 60i, 60p, or 24p? thanks again, _jc
  3. if there is a more appropriate forum or sub-forum for this question, please let me know. i have some documenation footage of a live performance which includes super 8 film projections (18fps) on a screen in the background. the footage was shot with a GH2 at 1080i (60i). i ingested the footage into FCP using the compressor setting for "Pro Res 422 for interlaced material". the footage looks pretty good in the timeline but there is definitely a film flicker which i'm assuming is due to the inconsistency of frame rates between the super8 projection and the frame rate of the GH2 which
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