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  1. Thank you very much. I will be checking this forum and provide the information to my development part of my company. Please stay tuned into my newsletter service in which I am interviewing and making documentaries about reaching my goal. The perfect lighting skills and cinematography skills. I really approciate this forum, I wish had a bit more time to go through all the topics here. Have a great day.
  2. Good Morning. I now provide you with the link of the video with further information
  3. Hello there. I understand this is not a perfect system as it is homemade and actually the way of making it better is through this process of commenting so thank you for this. I come from Greece, never was rich (this will change though) and I always had to come up with ideas to fill the financial gap. Seems that those idea are getting finally some good feedback in. About the CC I agree. My next project will be lighter. Also I am interested in building a good community (Apart from here) with people that share the same passion with me so this is the second video all about. But I am totally
  4. Homemade Steady Shot System used in VideoClip. Actually shooting long-distance shots from the comfort of a chair! I my newest videoclip I was trying to find a way to create an equipment that will help me get rid of heavy steady camera systems that they actually destroyed my hand and muscles after a while. Also there was no way of achieving the results needed because the videoclip consised of long-walking shots. I wanted to shoot my newest video clip by sitting on a chair and mostly doing it without having to spend a fortune. It is almost as the buyed thing and most important, it wa
  5. Hello. My name is George Skoumas Papanikolaou and I am a 25 years old director. I just made my first movie called "The Designer", a no budget film using only a Canon 550D and a kit lense 18-135 EFS and also a goPro Camera. It's an action short film with car races and a dramatic impact on the end of the film. No professional or amateur actors. Just friends. No script ever written. All in my head. Direction/Editing/Sound Editing/Trailer VoiceOver/Visual Effects all by one person. The music was written by a friend and it's also a home production using orchestral music. It too
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