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  1. Thank you very much. I will be checking this forum and provide the information to my development part of my company. Please stay tuned into my newsletter service in which I am interviewing and making documentaries about reaching my goal. The perfect lighting skills and cinematography skills. I really approciate this forum, I wish had a bit more time to go through all the topics here. Have a great day.
  2. Good Morning. I now provide you with the link of the video with further information
  3. Hello there. I understand this is not a perfect system as it is homemade and actually the way of making it better is through this process of commenting so thank you for this. I come from Greece, never was rich (this will change though) and I always had to come up with ideas to fill the financial gap. Seems that those idea are getting finally some good feedback in. About the CC I agree. My next project will be lighter. Also I am interested in building a good community (Apart from here) with people that share the same passion with me so this is the second video all about. But I am totally 100% accurate when I say that you can make those steady shot by sitting on a chair and not even minding holding the camera. I am still in my first steps and it is normal to make mistakes but for me I always like to go as deep as possible into the art I love and not count everything with money. This is why I go in and build the stuff I want, just like someone else did before me. But I let this process grow and even find some ground breaking solution. So be positive about this and I will tell you how I did it because you seem interested in this even the wrong horizon thing which is actually my mistake in wrong counter weights. Not a production error.
  4. Homemade Steady Shot System used in VideoClip. Actually shooting long-distance shots from the comfort of a chair! I my newest videoclip I was trying to find a way to create an equipment that will help me get rid of heavy steady camera systems that they actually destroyed my hand and muscles after a while. Also there was no way of achieving the results needed because the videoclip consised of long-walking shots. I wanted to shoot my newest video clip by sitting on a chair and mostly doing it without having to spend a fortune. It is almost as the buyed thing and most important, it was made by our hands. Feels better to work with your own made equipment. Reminds of your passion. I recently directed my second video clip using 100% homemade steady cam systems. I actually achieved shooting long distances without even touching the camera just by sitting on a chair. I want to be an inspiration for young film and art directors out there so this is how I did it. The videoclip can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ppj8DtLh14 For Tips and more information about how I did, I will post soon, but you also subscribe to my ever growing subscribers list in which I ofter update with advices and tips. For more information about skoumas please visit www.skoumas.net
  5. Hello. My name is George Skoumas Papanikolaou and I am a 25 years old director. I just made my first movie called "The Designer", a no budget film using only a Canon 550D and a kit lense 18-135 EFS and also a goPro Camera. It's an action short film with car races and a dramatic impact on the end of the film. No professional or amateur actors. Just friends. No script ever written. All in my head. Direction/Editing/Sound Editing/Trailer VoiceOver/Visual Effects all by one person. The music was written by a friend and it's also a home production using orchestral music. It took us a lot of time and a lot of struggle to manage this final result. The movie was started as a small trailer and ended as a middle length 32 minute film. We also won two awards in the Accolade Competition in California. This is my first post in this forum and I am very excited to be here with people that we all share our same passion. Right now I want to start new projects and ideas. I have 2 scripts in my mind and looking for people to cooperate with and shoot something the way it should be. Let's say that this movie was my personal university in filmmaking. It showed me the ways. I now start to walk them. Please come with me. This is the movie trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVoo8MVE3R0 Please WATCH the whole movie here: www.thedesignermovie.com/watch.php You can see information about the movie right here: www.thedesignermovie.com My personal portfolio can be found at www.skoumas.net
  6. New to the forum! Need to discover as much as possible :)

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