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About Me

George Papanikolaou was born on the 3rd of December 1987 in the city of Ioannina in Greece.


His father is a psyshics and chemistry teacher from Arta and his mother a German teacher.


From a small age he becomes interested in arts and multimedia and he starts his first contact with computers. In the age of 15 the family moves into the city Arta. In his school years, George, starts playing with photography and shoots short length funny videos with his web camera.


He also becomes interested in music and starts playing the classical guitar. He is a self-tough guitar player. Some of his music is being used in his videos.


When he finished his school and started his university years at the TEI University of Hpeirus where he studies Information Technology and Communications. At the same time we works as a programmer and a web designer in Athens. He will travel a lot at this point , all around Europe, where he will collect experience and impressions. In 2009 he will travel in Denmark for 6 months with the Erasmus Student Exchange Program. When he returns he will work as a waiter and also as an assistand in Wedding Videography and photography. At the same time he films short length films and funny videos which he publishes on the internet. In 2010 he buys he first DSLR camera and soon his videos are becoming better in image quality, photography and script.


He is also into photography experiencing and learning frames, photography rules, lighting, shooting portrait photographs of friends or landscapes.


In 2011 starts shooting his first short length movie called "THE DESIGNER" which he finishes one year later. The impressions of an action movie, shot with only one camera, with no-budget, no actors and with music written by Nikos Salonitis where very positive. At the same time he starts shooting an independent internet comedy series called "STICHONO" that manages to be mentioned even in big Greek channels.


In 2012 he becomes parther with the biggest comedy site in Greece called "ComedyLab.gr" and with Television shows like "Heropaides". At that time the movie "The Designer" won two awards in the Accolade Festival in California. An award of excellence and the award of Direction.


He also had the honor to be the web designer of the I AM GREEK AND I WANT TO GO HOME movement by Ares Kalogeropoulos.


Currently he produces his new web/tv series called "Teleremarket" a satyrical, sureal and comical approach in informecial TV shows while writing down the script for his new movie.

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