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  1. I need some advice to help me decide on a Camera, and I'll give a quick run-down of my situation because I've seen others leave out details on the forum after a brief scan. I'm a Graphic Design student in Toronto, I'm in my 4rth year doing my Design Thesis, and over the past 2 years I've taken more motion graphics/VFX classes than anything else (which is strange to me in a design program mostly based on print and typography) none the less I've found myself heading in the direction of film. I've been doing photography for some time now, I mostly only shoot for personal, but it lead me into film making when I had my Nikon D3100 (by no means a great camera for video) I mostly shoot action sports up until now, some of the atheltes are taking on professional sponsorships for this year, so with that in mind I already needed to upgrade my gear to keep up with the level of deliverables. As of recently I had my camera gear all stolen from me, there is little to no chance I will ever see any of it again. My next intention is to pick up more professional level video camera, something between $2000 and $3500 (Canaidan dollars) and I have NO idea what to pick. Most skate/snowboard/action sport camera men I meet suggest Sony VX series cameras, which to me isn't so appealing, I don't want to be investing an already limited amount of money into something used. I have some minor technical idea of what I'm looking at from playing with my gopro and knowing DSLR technology pretty firmly, but digital camcorders still confuse me when I read the technical specifications, there's just a lot to take in. Beyond action, I do plan to step out into film making, and even hope to try my foot in areas I've studied like advertising. I've been mostly going off what's available to me from Henrys http://www.henrys.com/Categories/112-Pro-Video-Cameras.aspx So my question for those of you already experianced in this, what am I looking for? Anything right now is positive for me.
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