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  1. Dear Steve, Thanks again for sheding some light on the pin-out issue! Cheers, David
  2. Dear Steve, Thanks for the quick response and the information regarding the pin-out! Just to be sure. Looking at the photo the 3 o´clock pin --> 0V ; 12 o´clock pin --> 3.6V ; 9 o´clock pin --> 7.2V. Right? Is this the standard Beaulieu pin-out and compatible with the Beaulieu cable and the Beaulieu battery container? Regards, David
  3. Hi! First of all I want to thank all of you for this TOP NOTCH forum. Very informative and helpful! So, first post --> first question. I bought a Beaulieu 4008 ZM II camera some time ago. I plan to shoot some footage outside in cold weather conditions and therefor I want to use an external battery pack. I intent to safe money and not to buy a Battery Dummy, which is rather expensive, instead I will build my own out of an old Beaulieu battery. Following the instructions on this website http://www.bondy.de/beaulieu/4008battery.html I managed to open the battery. Next step is the installation of the 3-pin DIN socket but I need help with the configuration of the pins to the three camera contacts. A proper pin-out / wire diagram would be very helpful. I want to use an external Beaulieu battery container (which I don´t have yet) so the dummy should be compatibel with Beaulieu accessories (cable, container etc.). Every bit of information is very welcome! Regards, David
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