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  1. Well Adrian, I'll be delighted to do those tests and check your SR3 when I'm there, sounds like the perfect plan. Thanks a lot to everyone for your response!
  2. Hi there! I´m a spanish DOP with american citizenship and I´m planning on moving to L.A. on january 2014. I found this forum and I would appreciate some feedback on my work. Mostly I´ve worked on Hd cameras (Redone MX, Scarlet, EPIC, Alexa, Canon 300, Sony 900, Canon 5D and 7D,...) and I have some experience on 35mm and 16mm as a DP and camera assistant. I´ve done commercials, music videos, shortfilms, corporate videos and I´ve worked as a DOP in 2 long feature documentaries. Here´s my new reel for anyone who would like to check it out: Also I´ve directed some commercials and music videos, and last year I filmed a 24 minutes horror/sci-fi shortfilm called "Horizonte", you can check the trailer down here: Actually I´m looking to make some contacts over there and start building my way around, so any advice is quite welcome. Thanks in advance!
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