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  1. Thank you everyone!! I'm sending my footage to Fotokem today and I will let you know how it turns out. :)
  2. Thank you Paul for responding. It will be a scan. And yes, the picture was taken on the 7D and the setting were dialed in exactly as to what I put on the Arriflex. So you are saying I should push (overexpose) 1 stop? 2, maybe? :)
  3. Hello and thank you for any help in advance. I shot my first couple of rolls of 16mm yesterday (Vision 2 and Vision 3 500T in a 16mm Arri from the 60s). To help you understand where I'm coming from with this question, I shoot digital regularly and also 35mm film stills, which I develop. Also, all the tools I was working with yesterday are ancient--finicky in the working, but working. My hope for the two different shorts are medium to high contrast with fine grain and lots of saturation. Here's my problem: I need to know whether to tell Fotokem to push the film a stop or two. Both s
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