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  1. I've added high resolution images which can be seen @ https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4ewyp40vqjgggdk/AAAIOpWPtWfeGM6Ioek-tt_La?dl=0
  2. Selling my beloved Leica R set as I have many documentary projects coming up where I need a zoom with IS. Are lenses are in B or A condition. The set consist of 4 lenses and all of them have also seamless follow focus gears available. These can be added or removed just by hand if needed be. Lenses come with native Leica R mount and the iris is not de clicked. The set: 24mm Elmarit-R 35mm Elmarit-R 50mm Summicron-R 90mm Elmarit-R Price: 1600€ (euros) Location: Europe Shipping: DHL / UPS PS! If you buy the whole set in addition I can drop Leica R to Sony E metabones adapter. TVC i shot with theses lenses on Sony FS7. https://vimeo.com/153751811
  3. No, I don't have experience with 650d myself. Go browse http://www.magiclantern.fm forums - you'll find a answer from there.
  4. The type of look that you want is achieved in grading, not in camera. That being said, this type of heavy grading needs a decent amount of color information, thus 650d's native 8bit h264 wont be enough. Ironically the effect you are going to want to use is called clarity. It's available in Photoshop RAW and Redcine X as slider but it can be achived manually in any color grading program. As Freya said already, Magic Latern will help you out with your 650d because, it will give raw DNG files with more color information which you can easily grade in Photoshop RAW.
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