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  1. With the high speed stuff, I was using a 25mm 1.4 lens, it was wide open for all the indoor shots, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was just a focus issue there. With the super 8, I had an auxiliary lens attached, it made everything appear to be in focus while looking through the viewfinder buuut I think it wasn't super accurate. Next time I'm aiming for more crispiness. And Zac, I'll send you over a PM with the info as to where I found the double perf.
  2. Hello All, Check this out: First instance shooting on the Redlake locam inside. Definitely quite challenging to use. Next time I'll up the light for sure to fix up some of the focus issues. Let me know any other thoughts! Thanks, Luc
  3. Hey all, I made a thread or two a while back requesting information on the Locam ii. Needless to say, I've figured it out to the point that I feel confident in making a tutorial on my findings. Here is said tutorial: Let me know your thoughts, thanks.
  4. Hey Mark, Thanks for the reply. I've seen that video, and while it is insightful, unfortunately it doesn't help me. I haven't tried to load it yet. I'm still taking the camera apart and messing with the pressure and aperture plates. My issue isn't loading as much as it is just getting the aperture plate out. Around 1:47 of that video the fellow pulls the plate out no problem, I'm sure I've got the pulldown pins out of the way, and I think the register pins are out of the way as well, but unfortunately it doesn't pull out. It's driving me insane.
  5. Hello All, I purchased a locam ii recently, and have been learning how the bad boy works for a little while now. With that said, one issue I'm having is with the aperture plate of the camera. I cannot, for the life of me, get the aperture plate out of the body. I've consulted the manual, which says to retract the pulldown claws and register pins, then to grasp the two knobs on the plate and pull straight outwards. I retract the register pins and the pulldown claws by using the film threading knob on the outside of the camera to get the pulldown claws out of the way, then I turn the register
  6. Hello all, I'm new here, and have decided to dive right in. Check out a little project myself and some chums shot in the summer. It's about rape and murder. https://vimeo.com/60551788 Thanks, Lucien
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