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  1. Hello cinematographer , I have seen this commercial and I wonder if there is any kind of lens filter to make that diffusion ( I am not talking about the haze smoke , there is different thing is happening there ) Even the external scenes have that diffusion . If yes , there is lens filter , what is that ? I hope I did make myself clear . You can see that on this video : Appreciated your help .
  2. Hello cinematographers , These days I am watching ( Mr Robot ) and I see the cinematographer always looking for lower corner composition and looking for space above heads . I know some of cinematographer or director are looking for psychology effects on their audiance . ( there are some frames from the series ) . So my question is : What is the philosophy behind these compositions ? I think the same Philosophy happening on ( Ida ) film too . Best regards
  3. I am really grateful of yours replies . aapo lettinen JD Hartman Lance Soltys EddieWelch Thank you . :)
  4. Hello everyone here , these days , I prepair with my friend a short film which has a scene for a guy is eorking on explosion . He is coonecting the wires .. put the wire on C4 and so on . Have anyone can remind me the movie names or video which has done the same idea . These film will give me some kind of inspiration . thank you . best regards
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