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  1. Here is a prototype for the ds8 cutter. http://s11.postimg.org/i7v9ayknn/IMG_1969.jpg http://s11.postimg.org/urh777u37/IMG_1970.jpg http://s11.postimg.org/ns7qlljir/IMG_1971.jpg http://s11.postimg.org/ksw8kqknn/IMG_1972.jpg http://s11.postimg.org/ujy5og8ib/IMG_1973.jpg I've seen this ideea in a book, it was something made by Jobo. Regarding opening the camera... at the moment i don't want to take any risk but thx for the link!
  2. Yes, i have the russian ds8 splitter http://img12.olx.ro/images_mercadorro/80781536_2_644x461_2-8mm-super8-dispozitiv-de-taiat-film-2-8-sau-ds8-film-splitter-fotografii.jpg . I used after i filmed ds8 with the russian ds8 camera, and the film was cutted ok. Yes, i will have to cut in the dark but i think i have figured out a way. Will come back with pictures. Cheers.
  3. Yes, you are right. But if i cut the film prior to the filming, in the dark, will it be ok?
  4. The Ds8 http://www.freestylephoto.biz/static/images/product/411802/lg/411802.jpg is 2x10 m. So after cutting i will have 20 m of super 8. The cassette is 15 m.
  5. @ Mark DunnI am going to cut the Ds8 in the dark room and load only half in the cassette. I've found that i have a romanian reloadable cassette that is notched at 100 iso.
  6. So thinking of using the kaccema cassete i started to wonder what iso/asa will it have. With some study i finally understand how this works and i think the topic should have started with the question : how does a camera recognize the cassete. And with this page http://super8wiki.com/index.php/Super_8_Cartridge_Notch_Ruler the mystery (for me) is over. So the kaccema acts as 64T/40D and has no filter notch (but i think the filter with the Canon camera is always on). The Foma Ds8 is iso 100. Any thoughts on the results using automatic exposure? Andrei
  7. Hello and thank you! First, the meter seems to by ok, it reacts with the light changes. I have a gossen light meter and i will test the camera reading with the reading of the gossen meter. I will also find a iphone meter and see the readings with it. Regarding the camera filter, i have some Foma DS8 film, iso 100 so i am thinking to make a try with the film to see if the mecanical part, filter, and the meter are ok. I have a kaccema cassete So again, thank for the info.
  8. Hello, I will be soon receiving a cartridge of Kodak Vision3 200T super 8mm 7213 to use with my Canon Autozoom 814E. I will film only outside using the camera internal 85 filter. Hope that it is still good. I will need if possible some information about how will my camera read the cartridge in terms of iso/asa and do i need to make changes in the exposure? Cheers, Andrei
  9. My motor it the one without the transistor
  10. As i searched on the internet, the plug is similar to the plug on ARRITECHNO.
  11. I see. Thank you. And regarding the motor? What power should i give it? I know that the motors go from 8 to 12 v. The last owner said that it worked on 24 V.... but i would not risk to try it at 24.
  12. Hello, I have got my hand on a Arriflex 16 St, serie 0600. I have some questions about it: The motor doesn't permit to change the speed - so is it a constat 24 frames motor? It has someting on the lateral, like another motor. From the info on the internet, the ST models where with out that motor. That motor, if it is a motor, it has no Arriflex mark on it. It look like a upgrade on the camera. But what is it for? I have some ideas, but i will kindly as you to give me you opinion. The camera motor and the other motor are connected, and at the end of the cable it has a wierd plug. Below are photos
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