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  1. Thank you so much Derek and Kenny and everybody, truly wonderful advice, just bought the camera and getting the sigma zoom now.
  2. I also think with the Sony A7s ii I can swop between full frame and Aspc would that means I can use better glass for crop lenses? My goal is to be able to send this to festivals.
  3. Thank you very much everyone for all the replies, * no it doesn't have to be 4 k Tyler. *Thank you so much Aapo, do you have examples of the Nikkor lenses , what would you suggest as primes? *Really liked the sigma screenshots Derek and I wish I could take you with me . I'm using that camera because of how small it is, I could then afford a cheap steadycam to have smooth shots, interesting angles and could shoot for ages alone in various landscapes and oxygen levels.Kathmandu is already 4000 meters above sea level. But I'm not sure if the canon c100 is that heavy?im going to look into it. Thanks ! I want to see your documentary. I love Cuba. I'm looking into all your suggestions now.
  4. Hi, I've been assigned to shoot and direct and documentary in Nepal in two months time and I'm looking to gear up for the shoot. The project is a low budget / indie documentary for which I thought to get the Sony A7s ii for the job for its low light conditions as most likely I'd use very little available lights. I own a Blackmagic 4K ef mount which I plan to sell as I find it to bulky and heavy for the job and not great on low light. I am currently looking for lenses, and understanding more about the different type of glass. I'm looking for recommendations I want to achieve a filmic / cinematic look, nice aesthetics, soft nice skin tone and color rendition rather than sharp HD video and I have a very little budget to cover the whole rig. I even thought of old film slr lenses to give me a softer look but I am scared of vignetting of which would be best to go for. The documentary will be 30 mins highly visual, poetic biopic rather than talking heads, so any help on the choice of lense would be great . I currently own Nikon prime DX 50, 85 mm 1.4 lenses but don't think they're good enough or if it'd vignet. I'm not super technical so any advice on this would really help, many thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm going to do a performance video on a big white studio set and I'm looking at what would be the best crane for this shoot. The shots require loads of rotation motion and smooth tracking, ideally would be ideal for smooth circular motion. trying to keep budgtary constrains in mind, what do you think would be the best crane for the job? Not giving up on quality.
  6. Thanks, Yes I was thinking of Zoom lenses too to gain versatility. Wouldn't the 2k be a problem for theatrical release?
  7. Hi everyone, I was asked to photograph a feature documentary film in a month time and I was wondering if I could get some advice as to what would be the best camera for the job. It's a documentary essentially filming two people having dinner in a studio set restaurant for the whole film, we are going for the cinematic approach rather an interview documentary. The fact that we're filming in a studio gives me plenty of control in lighting, which I'm going for an intimate, moody yet natural look. Our narrative was inffluenced by film My dinner with Andre yet we want to make it more cinematic. I'm going to go the Cooke S4 due to warmth in Skin tone but I've not decided yet which camera would work best. We're gong for a two camera set up due to the nature of this project to maximise coverage as the shoot is only 5 days. This film will get threatical release so that needs to be in consideration. I was looking the spect and sensor arri Amira, but being 2k I wasn't sure if it was the right camera for this. I appreciate any advice on the matter, Many thanks,
  8. Hi David, Many thanks, all makes perfectally sense, my only concern is that while I want his lips in sync I also would want to have other characters in frame in slow motion,if its post i put in back to 25fps as thats the frame rater were shooting, wouldnt that brinng the other character bwck to normal motion as well? many thanks
  9. hi everyone, Im trying to create a shot that starts on a singer's lip while he's lying on a bed , were going to crane up as it rotates in slow motion. theres going to be people in the shot next to his bed. Id like to know what would be most affordable way to do this? were shooting with red epic and prime lense but have very little budget to do this. we want to shoot this in slow motion then speed back to the songs speed to make his lips on sync yet hsving all the remaining action in slow motion still, how do we calculate the frame rate? any advice on these two questions would be really appreciated. thanks
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