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  1. Thanks for all the help, I did end up.. updating to the latest nvidia drivers then just installing lite for now and everything works. Still an odd issue though.
  2. Thanks, these forums seem more populated so I thought I might take a shot. Over there.. :mellow: Replies: 0 Views: 4
  3. Hello, I'm relatively new to DV and recently installed version 9 after coming from 8.2. I've looked around on the net for problems regarding this issue and have basically hit a wall - the problems that most people have had were with the same anomaly I've been trying to deal with. Problems: Finalized file has a bar at the top of the video that flickers on and off. The entire frame will do this as well randomly throughout a clip. Along with the above, say I apply a LUT and grade it, then render. In the final file the video flickers back and forth between the graded footage and th
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