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  1. Thank you all for your input. Indeed it does seem like a dry bearing wheel or sprocket mechanism going loose. After talking to the local rental it became clear that this particular body was not serviced for many years. Spoke to ARRI and was told that while this issue is not supposed to affect the film transport, if we go on shooting at some point the motor will just stop. We are supposed to get a replacement body asap for the rest of the shoot. Best,
  2. Hello, all of a sudden today arricam st 4 perf started making this noise - vimeo link attached. Noise comes and goes regardless of magazine being attached to the camera. Noise can appear in a middle of a take and then go away in 30-40 seconds, then come back again. Film transport and shutter seems fine visually and the camera doesn't give any warnings. Nothing was done to the camera yesterday to give us a clue of the cause, except for regular daily cleaning with air. All tests prior to the shoot are totally fine. Negative was examined throughout the day and has no scratches. Noise intensifies significantly when fps changed to 60. When fps slowed down - sound disappears. Tried adjusting pitch but to no result. Anyone came across the same issue? https://vimeo.com/361685396 PASSWORD: noise Best
  3. Purchased for a project - project is over. Condition is great with some signs of use. There is a crack in a bottom battery holder which doesn't affect anything and a few dents on the pan arm. Includes: Cinemilled Arm extensions ($199) Cinemilled Pan Arm Extension ($179) Cinemilled PRO Dovetail ($99) DJI Dual Rod support ($89) Cinemilled Counterweight (2x) DJI Rod clamp (2x) ($49 each) DJI battery (2x) DJI Charger DJI Remote control DJI Lens support DJI Receiver for Thumb Controller DJI regular dovetail DJI Stand DJI case Keys, screws Great for DSLR, RED, Canon, Sony, Alexa Mini. Local pick up in New York. $1500 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qMqlj5FRwwipQa18x8RgvhkOudU-5Hz1?usp=sharing
  4. I shot 5222 a few years ago. Learned it's best to rate it 100-125 asa max so keep that in mind for the subway. Grain is much more prevalent than i expected but it's such a beautiful stock. It's not easy to push so if you really need more exposure - you can shoot on 500t and convert to b&w, but it won't look the same. Make tests and have lab measure negative with densitometer!
  5. I am selling Kodak Double X 35mm film short ends - 70 meters, or 230 ft. From another film production earlier this year. Purchased directly from Kodak, kept refrigerated at all times. Kodak rates it as 250asa, i shot is as 125 and got lots of details in shadows. I can ship it with USPS priority service in the US. 100$
  6. So Tyler was right about the issue that caused this light leak. There is a tiny plastic shield that protects Aatonite glow from projecting light onto the gate, that was dislodged or shifted during transportation - we flew with the camera. Thanks to everyone for their comments and help!
  7. Here is a sample video of how it looks: https://vimeo.com/176870954 password: light
  8. To me it is crazy as well, because the way Aatonite glow works would not allow this to happen, unless it was repaired unproperly or something else. When shutter mirror rotates - Aatonite is blinking. So when the mirror is down and the gate is open for film exposure - aatonite is not glowing, and when mirror goes back it turns ON, and again. So Aatonite blinks 24 times a sec if you are shooting 24fps. Unless it was broken.. it could have not happened. Camera was already sent to LA for service, will see what they say.
  9. Yes, it seems to be so. We closed the lens cap, turned off the light in a room, turned on the Aatonite thing and powered the camera - and saw red light coming through the gate from the magazine side while camera is running. Weird thing is that this issue never appeared during pre-production film and camera tests.
  10. Ok i think we understood it was an Aatonite glow passing through the gate onto film, causing the leak
  11. Hi everyone, i recently have been working with an Aaton XTR Prod camera, and the footage has light leak stripes. I wonder if someone had the same issue with this camera? Stripes have frequency, moving from bottom to the top of frame, which makes me think there is light hitting the film after the gate. My first thought was not properly attached magazine. Any other ideas?
  12. Hello everyone, i wonder if there is someone who knows of rentals or camera owners in Scotland who have 16mm equipment. Arri SR, 416 or Aaton would do it. I'm going to Edinburgh in July for a film shoot but the budget is tight and bringing everything from London is also an issue. Any suggestions or comments would be highly appreciated. Thanks, Arseni
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