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  1. * carrying RED EPIC, lenses and other accessories as carry on luggage on flight.
  2. Thanks Adrian and Stuart. Stuart, based on our response is it safe to assume that my friend would not have any issues carrying his RED EPIC, lenses and other accessories online even if he is traveling on tourist visa? Also what should he give the reason for visit as? And would he require a carnet or any special permissions for the camera and equipments (considering it is bulky and fragile)? -
  3. Hi, One of my American friends is planning to travel to India to shoot the streets and some popular places in India. In my opinion, he should be ok with a visitor visa but he wasn't very sure since he wants to carry his red epic with lens and other accessories on the flight (which I know is allowed on an employee visa). Any suggestions? If he travels with a tourist visa is there any additional permission required for carrying his equipments on board? Thanks
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