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  1. Hi, I'm wondering if people have insight into compositing into miniatures. I have a mechanized dolly/rotate system for my canon 5d and i'd like to composite models / stop-motion figures which are at different scales. Here's the situation: i have a figure which is about 6 inches tall, but one of the scenes he is in, I'm flying over buildings which are at least 4 stories tall - i want him to look pretty small in the shot. I don't want to have to build the building 4 feet high or build a smaller version of the figure - instead i'd like to keep the building around 1-2 feet and just shoot him separately and composite him in at the correct scale. These would be moving shots, so is it possible to achieve this effect? I imagine it would involve some scalar calculations so the camera movement would match up for both shots. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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