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  1. Thank you very much for your input! I really appreciate your feedback and will definately make use of it on the next project! :)
  2. Hi, I'm currently planning a short that I am DP'ing by the end of the summer. As you might have expected, we are kind of on a limited budged, but we have enough to rent the equipment needed. I am planning to shoot on my own 7d. The director wants the entire short, which by the way is one scene only (about 3-4 minutes), to take place by the ocean, and it is raining throughout the entire scene. We went location scouting last week, and found the location we want. It is, however, not very close to any population. My plan is to bring a power supplier, so that I may not worry about batteries for all the equipment, our tiny video village, etc. (the sound guys will probably hate me, though). Anyway, the director has asked me to find a way to create the rain. I was thinking that since we're shooting right by the ocean, why not use that unlimited amount of water to do it? All I would need is some solution as to how I can bring the water up in the air. Something like the stuff the fire departments use to get water up from the fire plugs, or something like that. Now, for that part I have little experience. Any ideas or experiences that could help me? Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi, and thanks a lot for taking the time to write. I totally get what you're saying in regards of might prioritizing other things than renting an expensive camera, but this was a really small production, and everybody working did so for free. I felt that this was an opportunity to get to learn a professional camera system and (technical) workflow, so I decided that was what I wanted to do. And I sure did learn a lot :) In terms of the lighting I agree with most of your remarks. The "flat" and hard lighting style was something we actually wanted to illustrate the somewhat psycho/mental side of it, but maybe it didn't work so well (perhaps somebody else have more inputs here?). I think the main problem was that so many of the pictures is similar to each other, and the hand-held camera movement might become somewhat monotonic and boring in lenght. Next time I think I will spend my resources on lighting/grip equipment, and make sure to either having more people in the camera department to help me out, or make sure that cinematography is my one and only focus. Again thanks for the feedback. It might be hard to believe, but I really do appreciate it :)
  4. Hello! Last year I was a part of a student production called "Punctum Temporis". A 10-minute, no dialogue, short film. My first time operating a Red One camera, so I believe I might could have gotten more out of it. Although I co-directed and wrote, I would like get some feedback on my cinematography for this one, as this is the branch I really want do continue doing. This was a small production with only eight crew members, so I ran the lighting and camera operating myself, while my camera assistant pulled the focus. Would appreciate any feedback!
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