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  1. Hi there, I'm selling my Scoopic 16MS. The camera is in excellent condition, it really does look brand new. It comes with 2 batteries, both of these will need recelling. A charger, lens hood, 5 internal filter trays. An external battery box, and a fitted case. Happy to ship to the states. £450 plus shipping
  2. Hi Everyone, I've got two 400' rolls of 16mm Ektachrome 100d for sale. Bought from Stanleys in London. Fridge stored for 1 year and freezer stored for the last two. £220 each. Cheers.
  3. Hi Everyone, After buying a fridge full of Ektachrome last December, I now realise I've got too much for my needs, so I've put a few rolls on Ebay UK - item no 300895327438 All the rolls have been fridge stored, since purchase. Many Thanks.
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