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  1. HI all! Wanted to get some advice on lighting a scene in this liquor store. Most of the scene takes place at the counter between a customer and the clerk behind the counter. Also might be shooting a couple of macro shots at 300fps. Bead of sweat on the face, eyes... type of shot. These will be used as speed ramps in post. Director wants to shot this as one long scene so almost a 360 view. Any suggestions on how to approach this? Thanx!!
  2. Hey Michael, Thanx again for staying on this thread and helping me out. I think I'm going to rent a couple of HMI's and Kino's. The film is a comedy so keeping it light and bright should be pretty easy. What HMI's would you recommend? Would the Kino's be daylight?
  3. Although I totally appreciate the set dressing advice and comments I was really hoping for some lighting advice.
  4. Thanx again Michael, I have a meeting with the set dresser next week so we will address all these issues.
  5. Michael- Thanks so much for that info. It does help quit a bit and makes me think more about the set dressing. Maybe adding mini blinds will help me cut some of that light. The apt is meant to look crappy and a little sparse. Thanx again!
  6. First off I just have to say how much respect I have for all the true working and talented DP’s, cinematographer, directors of photography out there. This is my first post so here it goes! I’m shooting a short film at the end of the month and could use some lighting advice. I have ideas but wanted to here what you guys thought. Most of the film is shot in a studio apt. with back and forth dialog between two girls. One girl walks in and sites on the couch while the other girl is at the sink washing dishes. Girl on couch has a window behind her, girl at sink also has a window behind her. Questions: what can I use to bring up my exposure reading in the studio so I’m not blowing out the windows? Should I net the windows? Should I try to stay at a 2.8? There is another scene where cops come to the door so I’ll be shooting from the inside to the outside. Questions: how would I light the cops at the door? Here is what lighting I have but can also rent what I need: 1- 2k (tungsten) 2- Arri 1ks (tungsten) 1- 500w Lowel Rifa softbox 2- 800w daylight bulbs w/china balls 2- 400w daylight bulbs w/china balls 2- 250w daylight bulbs I hope I have givin enough info. Thanx so much in advance! Bobby
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