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  1. We are a private and non profit Fan-Film Project, based on the popular TV series Stargate. Our Fan-Film is produced in Brandenburg (East Germany), near Frankfurt an der Oder. We are currently looking for reinforcement in the area of Post-Processing. These include: - 4K Textures - 3D Matte Painting - Compositing - Rotoscoping - Color Grading The whole film is cut a length of 25 minutes and is based in two languages ​​German and English. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/stargatesf.de A Premiere for the Film is planned on the Fedcon in Düsseldorf. (http://www.fedcon.de/en/) The Deadline for the Project we have planned for The 19 of May. The Project achieved no profits with this Film. This Film is being implemented by Fans for Fans. A fee can not be paid, that Material can be later use as a Reel and of course there are Credits in the Film. This Film is then nationwide and around the World go around in the Scifiction scene. That's why I created the film bilingual in German and English. If you are interested in helping us, Contact us here or under the following email adress:puerto-tabako@web.de The Special Forces Team
  2. We are a private and non-profit Fan Film Project, based on the popular TV series Stargate. Gives information about the Project on our Website. http://stargate-sf.de We search for reinforcements in the area of ​​"VFX" processing. Because of the later film is composed almost 90% of CGI effects. Tasks and people, we still looking for: Texturing of spaceships in 4K (output format is OBJ) Particel Effects (Krakatoa) Color correction VFX Compositing Creature VFX Muzzle Flash Lighting Nuke Artist About help we would be very happy. The Special Forces Team
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