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  1. Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows of a company that can make motion picture perfs on a still stock that I am using to shoot a motion picture film as well as add a key code. I a shooting on a stock that is made for a still camera and the company cuts us rolls of 400 feet. However there is no key code and the perfs are slightly different causing instability. So far I have found one company called Wittner-kinotechnik who provide such a service but there turnaround time is 4 months. I am looking for a company with a shorter turn around time. Thank You, Adiva Koenigsberg
  2. I am the DP in pre-production for a feature being shot in Israel on black and white Infra Red film. I am searching for a lab that would be willing to switch out their standard D96 chemicals for a more fine grain developer. Anyone out there with recommendations of a lab? The only lab I have found willing to comply is Arri Munich, however they are only willing to use d76 and i would like to use a more fine grain developer like Xtol or something of the sort. In addition I am curious if there are any labs that are willing to use chemicals other then Kodak? Please feel free to contact me directly adiva@thenthis.org.
  3. I am the DP, in pre-production for a 35mm motion picture film being shot on black and white infra red film in Israel. I am trying to find a solution for a video assist to accompany our ARRI 435. We are shooting in almost complete darkness, only with infra red light sources. I am looking for contacts or leads to individuals who may knows how to build a video assist that corresponds with the parameters of the IR stock that we are working with. If anyone has any suggestions or knows of any camera tech wizards I would be thrilled to speak with them. Please contact me directly at adiva@thenthis.org.
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