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  1. Hi everyone, I think I have a some basic understanding on how LUTs or film stocks work in general, however it gets very confusing with all the variety of film emulation LUTs available and searching in Google or through thousands of topics doesn't really help. My question is how these LUTs actually work and how are they created? Are they a combination of negative stocks and print stocks? For example I see a lot of films shot on Kodak Vision 5207 and printed on 2383. According to Film Convert "FilmConvert applies a combined emulation for print, negative and a viewing simulation for pr
  2. Noob question, don´t laugh. I´ve made my research and I don´t really understand the phenomena. Let´s say I want to grade a video for broadcast, I´m grading it in sRGB on my monitor and I forget to choose the REC709. How my video will look on broadcast? It will look darker (more constrasty)? The second question: When I toggle between sRGB and REC709 I see a slight change in contrast. Viewing in REC709 my video looks contrasty. Is this how my image should look on broadcast? Thank you!
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