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  1. I ship my rolls to Tokyo from Australia for processing, so I usually shoot a couple & send together to save on postage etc. I keep all of them refrigerated, most of the time even between exposing unfinished rolls again, plus all of my negative stock and reversal stock is kept in cold storage. The thing is, I don't shoot THAT often, sometimes completing a 40ft Single 8 roll over 2 or 3 weeks. Then shipping can take over a week. I'm just curious, but in the end I will continue to send to Japan, as it's cheaper with included processing taking into account bulk shipping and return, than shooting on Super 8 and getting processed in Australia, especially now that Kodak has increased prices... So, if anyone has knowledge on delaying processing, staying on topic with that, I'd love to hear from experienced shooters :)
  2. I owned a couple consumer HD cameras when I was in film school but never focused on moving the camera, it was nothing special to me. I wanted to Direct, but didn't get many chances, so instead tried Writing and was lumped into Producing. Super 8 revitalised my interest in actually shooting after seeing everything look the same online in every damn film. There was something missing. I have a hard drive full of clips, but how much connection can you have to digital crap when it's lumped together with all other mp3's and media? The first rolls I bought were in Japan, directly from the lab. I'm from Aus. I shot most of them in the country and they turned out terrible. Do I care? Of course not. I send my rolls overseas to Japan for processing included, which is cheaper if I send 2 or 3 together in the same package. For Super 8, I'll send to an Aus lab for processing, but that is for Negative stock. So it goes back and forth, but you learn patience. Develop the attention to detail before rolling. I haven't sent to other telecine labs yet, but I will probably try Frame Discreet and Ochyipico (?) I'm excited to shoot again soon, because my DP mate has learnt so much about exposing film correctly since our first attempt at a 1 roll short, which was over 12 months ago. I hope to progress to a low end 16mm within 12 months after we have mastered everything to do with Super 8 and it's post-prod workflow.
  3. It's around $200 cheaper, hmmm! What does the Nikon 17-35 become with the Speedbooster, Will?
  4. Hows it going all, I'm an indie fellow interested in the one lens kit scenario for my Pocket as I travel. My SLR Magic 12mm is amazing but is essentially a 35mm... The 18-35mm is a little out of my budget paired with the Speedbooster. I wonder if someone could suggest an alternative decent compatible Zoom around $500? It doesn't have to be THE best.
  5. Hi, I've been using the FUJICA ZC1000 since February and haven't got much use out of it despite it being an amazing system. I'm also a student so, I will let it go early next year and downgrade for monetary reasons. I'm also selling my rare 5.5mm Wide-angle for it, which is the only one on eBay, 4 days left....I don't need the best of the best, just a decent SUPER 8 with a nice sharp lens that can handle shooting Vision 3 well. Budget range $150 MAX Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! :)
  6. http://www.thephoblographer.com/2013/10/08/slr-magic-updates-the-12mm-t1-6-hyperprime-for-micro-four-thirds/ The Phillip Bloom video http://vimeo.com/72996911 really sold me on compatibility with the BMPCC which I'll receive soon (Yes, really) Though the redesign with fixed gears is much better for follow focus, I can't wait and would love to get my hands on the original if anyone is parting with their's. Please Message me!
  7. It appears my memory was mistaken, for that is the website...thanks for helping!
  8. Thanks for appearing here! I contacted every possible method of getting a Kinetta scan a few months back and gave up. Tried MASSARTS etc. The last place I hovered around was As'Image in Paris but I saw nothing on their website where they claimed to use it. It's great to know that a new place is opening up!
  9. Delete thread, accidental repost! How do I delete?
  10. YES! I would love to use get a Kinetta scan! Let's keep it going, any S8mm video that has an impressive visual element!
  11. http://vimeo.com/58302232 Let's keep it going. Post your links! No specific reason, clarity etc. just something that grabbed you and made you think about your next project.
  12. In the past few months I stumbled across a DP who has a service for laser brightening cinema lenses. The picture on the homepage was astounding as he'd demonstrated by cleaning half of the glass, right down the middle on a lens. The difference was nuts. The focus would be on vintage glass. I've searched and searched and cannot for the life of me find this guy again. Please help!
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