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  1. Appreciate the offer but I'm not in the market for sticks right now!
  2. This is the third and final generation of Canon’s legendary Super 16 zoom series which began with the 8-64 (famously used in The Hurt Locker). Apparently this is the sharpest zoom lens ever made for Super 16, and is the best zoom to match the popular Zeiss Ultra 16 primes. This will also cover the Alexa in Super 16 mode or any Red camera in 2K. I am told that only a few of these were made. The 6.6-66 is a 10x zoom in PL mount, and the lens has a stop of T2.7 (increases to T3.3 after 54mm). Optically and mechanically the lens is in like-new condition. All elements are clear of any scratches, dust, or cleaning marks. Cosmetically there are a few light scuffs on the housing and light general wear and tear, but nothing that affects performance in any way. Also comes with a zoom motor bracket and lens support adapter, and a flight case. Lens markings are imperial, close focus is 23” which is remarkable for a zoom with this kind of range (13-132mm S35 equivalent). Front diameter is 110mm, and the lens weighs ~5lbs. More photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4n6ejfyfcn2cz5v/AACOY2-y4cDX2ckZhybD2JCXa?dl=0 I am selling because the form factor is slightly too large to fit in my SR3 travel package. This is a true workhorse lens for studio or documentary projects, and looks stellar through the whole range. Make an offer!
  3. Hey everyone! I'm looking to fill out an Arri IIIC package I recently purchased with a few specific accessories: - Arri OR Thoma Pistol Grip w/ Crystal Sync 24/25fps Motor - Film Doors for Arri 3C—Anamorphic/Jurgen’s Video Door/Handheld doors—interested in any and all! If there are any other compatible accessories people are looking to sell, I'm open to hearing about them. Thanks!
  4. Transplanting Bolex EBM 170º Shutter to SBM Hey there! I recently purchased a Bolex SBM and have been loving it so far. The one thing I'd love to change though is the shutter angle—the built in variable shutter is 135° at its most open setting, and thus the motion rendition is a bit choppy compared to the 180° standard I'm used to on an SR3/XTR. After doing some research I noticed that the electronic Bolexes (EBM and EL), as well as possibly some early non-reflex models, have fixed 170° shutters. I'm wondering if its theoretically possible to transplant a 170° shutter into a Bolex that came with the variable 135° shutter. I don't expect to keep any variable shutter capability—obviously it would be a permanent change over to the fixed 170° version. The main limitation I'm concerned about is that a 170° shutter doesnt provide enough cover for the SBM's pulldown mechanism to complete the frame advance, and that the EBM/EL have a faster pulldown which makes a 170° opening possible. But if it was a visual aesthetic decision rather than mechanical decision (perhaps Bolex thought the tighter shutter would be better for most users since there would be less motion blur), perhaps it's possible. Unfortunately I don't have the means to test this myself, so I'm wondering if any Bolex experts/machinists can chime in! (Sorry for the incomplete topic name, it got cut off by the forum software!)
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