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  1. Hey Amrit! The only cash I spent was probably the dinner bills I had with the cast! And no it was not me. The rules specifically stated that I could not appear in the video. Hey! I might attend a school in Oxford for a study abroad program in the spring! Maybe possibly meet up!
  2. Thanks for the info! I definitely will make the effort to give each suggestion a shot. Now, regarding length of these "very short films", how long were they on average? And how much time should be spent on creating them? I have a bad habit of spending too much time in production which ends up with an unfinished project :P
  3. After a summer of not doing much but making lattes for Hollywood folks and making a short film that I ended up not finishing, I feel behind as a student filmmaker. Are there any simple but effective practices that a person with a camera can get in the habit of to improve their skills? Skills such as: framing, camera movement, lighting, and composition. An example I heard of was to film ten second clips displaying dramatic light changes ie: striking a match in a dark room. I hope many can chime in on this!
  4. Thanks for the review! Answering your question. I shot with my canon 550d. Lenses used were mostly the 50mm f/1.8. Shot selection did not have much thought in them. I just used my gut and shot whichever angle/location I liked best!
  5. Hey! It's been a long time since I've edited the video. However, I remember wanting to go for an "old" picture style. That may possibly be the reason to the greyish color. Or, it may be the lack of experience in color correcting :P
  6. Thanks for the advice! I actually wanted him to crash his car right after he saw the billboard. Thus, end with him waking up from his mild coma, everything being a dream. However, it was nearly impossible to fit that all in two minutes :( Anyways, I got rejected to the school unfortunately... I'll just do better this coming year. Or maybe even try to find a job or internship directly. Thanks again!
  7. Oops sorry! I uploaded it on vimeo for everyone outside of the US! https://vimeo.com/67584626
  8. Hey guys, my name is Alvin Joo, I'm a 19 year old Korean-American whose dream is to make a living of a doing what I love, making films. Not quite sure what aspect of it I want to pursue, ie: cinematographer, director, etc. However, I do love making films and telling stories visually. I recently finished making a short film that is a required supplement when applying to the Dodge College of film and media arts in Orange, CA. And I figured, "why not show it to people who have greater experiences than me and receive some advice or criticisms about it"? The guidline was simple yet difficult to
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