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  1. Andrij Parekh is one talented guy, and he's young too. There's hope. Not as big of a Ryan Gosling fan as my 21 year old sister, but this is still good, regardless.
  2. Check this out. I want this cam so so bad. Maybe when I'm famous/ if. *ahem* http://www.crafttruck.com/tech-bites/arriflex-alexa/
  3. According to www.crafttruck.com it will be airing as the season opener of their second season. But check out that website for more awesome interviews (like one two parter with Gordon Willis).
  4. Peter Deming is a pretty wicked DP. He's done "From Hell", "Mulholland Drive", "Austin Powers", not to mention a whole other slew of awesome films. This guy is boss. Check him out: http://vimeo.com/68793571
  5. Part two of a chat with one of my favourite DPs. The guy behind "Erin Brokovich", "The Limey", and more.
  6. Dan Grove

    RED Dragon

    Really want this. Someday. Anyone own this?
  7. Love his work. The Limey. Erin Brokovich. Good, good stuff. Love this chat too. Really informative.
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